whats the size???

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  1. jamersonburton


    Jul 22, 2011
    what size allen key do i need for the bridge screw/saddle-height-adjustment things? I am almost brand new to setups....
    My bass is a squier matt freeman pbass (i believe it has the same bridge as squeir 60s classic vibe pbasses?)

    I stupidly put on a set of 45-65-85-110tw and i originally had a 45-105 daddario xl set.... im an idiot. the 110tw e string is MUCH lower than the other strings, weaker and waaay to loose. Is the saddle height the problem or am i looking at something else?

    Thanks :bassist:
  2. tjh

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    Mar 22, 2006
    ..jb, if it is the same high mass bridge as on the CV Jazz, the allen wrench is between a .050 and 1/16 ... if the 1/16 is a ball end, it will work if you loosen the string so that there is no pressure on the saddle .. if you dont have either, loosen the string and pull it off the saddle, rotate the saddle over and turn the screw by hand from the bottom side .. this should get you close enough to use for now until you can find the correct size anyhow ... your best bet to get the correct size allen, may be to unscrew the saddle and take it to your local Ace Hdwr or similar and have them fit the screw ... probably all of 50 cents or so and then you have the correct size for our future adjustments ... that way, you get to practice intonating the string also, when you put the saddle back on :)

    ... dont be so hard on yourself ... you just learned about tapered E-strings ... not sure if they sell single XL's, but if you find that you dont care for the 110 once you get it in place, pick up a 105 E and you are back in business ...

    ... trying a variety of gauges, brands, etc., is a good thing ... you are not an idiot ... you're just finding what you like .. right?? :)
  3. Most likely a 1.5mm.