whats up with the mesa big block??

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  1. i see as usual with mesa boogie, they are not discounted at the retail level, but if you buy one of these big blocks used you can grab em for 7-800 $ usd.
    whats up wit dat?
    are they junk?
    ive got a 400+ and 2 boogie buster combos and theyre fine, i like them. ive also got a slew of diesel cabs.
    i relizze the tone thing is subjective, but 800$ worth in 6 mos or less???
    you folk got any input on these??
  2. I was not impressed with the Big Block. Looks like you already own some of the best stuff Boogie has made.
  3. As I see it All everyone sees is that the big block puts out 750 watts but they fail to notice that, that is @2 ohms While the M-pulse 600 puts out 600 watts@4 ohms. So they buy the big block run it @ 4 ohms and are dissapointed because they are only getting 350 watts. Mesa is very deceptive with their specs. I have an M-2000 And a 400+ also a diesel 215 cab they are great amps.
  4. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    I tried it once for a little while, I didn't like it
  5. Joe Beets

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    Nov 21, 2004
    I borrowed one for a weekend. A Peavey Firebass will eat that thing for lunch. :meh:
  6. isnt a firebss rated 700 watts @ 2ohms
  7. Firebass 275w@8 Ohms

    But the big block is only rated at 350 w@4Ohms
    750w@2 ohms

    I like Mesa the tone the quality but I believe the FireBassII would kill the big block from a loudness point of view. Anything else is a matter of personal preference,
  8. +1 on the comments above... the BB is underpowered into a 4ohm load.
  9. Correction: Big Block 750 is 550W into 4 Ohms, as per specs on Mesa Boogie website
  10. the big block is quite loud on a 4 ohm load..I owned an m-pulse 600 before I bought my bb..I noticed no volume difference between the 2 amps on a 4 ohm load.in fact I thought the bb sounded louder and "thicker" than the 600.I got the bb because it's more of a plug-n-play amp without the bells and whistles I did'nt need. I also think it sounds closer to a tube amp sound,as opposed to the more refined sound of the 600..the bb just appealed to me more. I don't get lost in any mix, ever..and I use it with a 4 ohm,15" scout cab..makes for a very compact lightweight rig,and I still have room for another cab(which I never needed yet)..I have ran it with 2 scouts before and it was awsome..