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  1. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
    Near the fridge
    If you have a say,200 watt bass amp.....

    Is the wattage rating for maximum volume?

    If you are listening through headphones how much wattage are you actually using?

    Or....if you are playing with no headphones and the volume is extremely low ( say 3 on a dial that goes up to 10) what would be the approx. watts used?
  2. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    Those answers will be different for every amp. Because manufacturers all use different standards of distortion and power rating. And they lie if they think it will make their product sell better.
  3. Dave W

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    Mar 1, 2007
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    What are you looking for?
  4. 1 Depends on the manufacturer and amp typology but generally max output at a rated low distortion level.

    2 Less than 1 watt.

    3 Again depends on how it is designed, how hot a signal you send it and what load the speaker cab is on the amp. Anywhere between 25 watts and 175 watts.
  5. BassmanPaul

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    Aug 25, 2007
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    Please don't plug your headphones into a speaker out jack.
  6. If the OP did they can't hear you, or anyone else anymore ;)
  7. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
    Near the fridge

    No I only use the headphone jack for headphones.....

    I was just curious that's all.......

    BTW....I was referring to combo amps........not cab rigs.......

  8. Combos are just an amp head included in a speaker box. No difference in these ways to separates. :) :cool:
  9. Mr. Foxen

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    Watts are basically meaningless for music making purposes. Dong measuring at best. There to please people who want to hear a number without caring what it means.
  10. ThisBass


    Aug 29, 2012
    Assumed the signal crest is 10dB (which is not unusual for bass guitar signal which is not compressed by effects or preamp clipping)

    Assumed that the the headroom is close to zero at volume 10,

    Peak at Volume 3:
    appro 2 Watt

    RMS at Volume 3:
    appro 0.2 Watt

    By the way if you need those hypothetic numbers for a save running of stereo cabs or something else,
    forget it!
  11. BbbyBld


    Oct 13, 2005
    Meridian, MS
    Headphones vary as far as impedance and sensitivity. If you are talking about ordinary headphones, running at 250mW or 0.250W is pretty darn loud.
  12. ThisBass


    Aug 29, 2012
    Headphones have a much higher resistance then cabs. It is possible to connect these into the power out of a 200W amp. Obviously the Vol control has to be handled with care!
    It's not so bad to spend some additional resistive like 39Ohm 1/2 Watt in series.
  13. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    Easy limiter circuits for headphones - For SS amps

    By the way, compare these to "soft clipping" and "hard clipping" distortion boxes. Playing with these in your effects loop can yield some of what ingredients are in the secret sauce for many "heads".