whats with skanking?

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  1. Yeah has anyone ever done a gig, and when you play certain stuff something im told is skanking starts going on. I totally messed up "ever fallen in love" buzzcocks (gulp) coz of like 20 15 yr old skater kids standing in a line doing the freaking can can in front of me putting me off. Does anyone know what this is all about, and how it can be stopped? or had experience of people doing stupid dances to your stuff?
  2. kirbywrx

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    Jul 27, 2000
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    its the ska/poppy punk equivalent to moshing. Ive done it a few times, and its fun to trip people up :D (i know this goes completley against my post in the moshing thread :D ) At first you feel like a knob, but you soon feel comfortable.

    Enjoy it man, if your getting a skank circle going it must mean the watchers are getting into your tunes!
  3. xush


    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    a guy in shorts and flip-flops was doing some kind of martial arts when we played a Portishead song last night. That distracted me a bit. Seems a little incongruous.

    I think I'd prefer some skank. Actually, I guess there was a skank or two there...
  4. BaroqueBass


    Jul 8, 2000
    Salem, OR
    I'm already a skank. :)

  5. :cool:
  6. Matt Till

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    Jun 1, 2002
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    Yeah, Skank circles are the funniest thing ever, because it's one thing if a few people are skankin' back and forth, but when they do it in a circle like it's some crazy pop mosh pit, it cracks me up.
  7. Dude, skanking is tons o' fun, and it's about the only kind of dance I'm any good at. If you're playing music that's at all similar to ska and people are skanking, just deal with it and be happy; it generally means they're into you. If you're a hardcore screamo band, you may need to reevaluate either your genre or your fans :eek:

    So yes, skank is good. However, it must remain perfectly clear that while the skank dance is good, this kind of skank is much better:
  8. This one local ska band always has their loyal skankers with them and they skank at every show....i think its pretty stupid.

    I want to make a "no skanking" sign and bring it to any future gigs of mine. :D
  9. Skanking is fun...when Voodoo Glow Skulls played here they were touring with CodeName: Rocky and Ghoulie Ghouls (or some name like that) and then there was the local ska band (Saggin Bowl) and everyone was skanking to every band, its a lot of fun! I remember when I first saw it I thought it was the stupidest looking thing in my life! But then my friend made me try it and its fun :D
  10. Benjamin Strange

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    Dec 25, 2002
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    Just make sure you don't try to stage dive on skankers. It doesn't work. Trust me on this.
  11. Is the proper word for that "ouch" ?
  12. I saw the Aqubats the other night and everyone was skanking and dancing, it was a lot of fun. If people dance it means they like your music. So why complain
  13. Yep yep, i hear ya man.
  14. well no it desnt mean they like my music it a stupid dance, they even sometimes do it when we cover stuff like sympathy for the devil, and were not atall pop punk or skaish atall!!! we try and write matcho music and we get th gaybr dance?
  15. Wownirvana


    Jul 7, 2002
    Athens, GA
    Skanking is basically just stupid-fun. It's a ska dance (not pop punk but I wouldn't put it past all those pop punk losers to skank to anything) and until you try it you just won't realize how fun it is. If you start going to a lot of ska shows you'll start to see all the different variations of skanking and find out how much fun a skank pit really is. If the music is dance-able chances are someone will skank to it, so just enjoy it and laugh at how stupid they look~Josh
  16. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002
    Haha, that happened to us this last weekend, during our last set this one guy kept doing martial arts the whole set. Everyone in the club was like "what is wrong with this guy?" But he kept on going with it. Definitely wierd.
  17. Stephen S

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    Apr 10, 2002
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    How could you not know what skanking is, ALL the cool kids are doing it, really!;)