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Whats wrong wiht my EDEN rig?!?!?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Muttluk, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. I'm ready to freak out, i get some "ugly" distortion, well not quite distortion, but more like the sound when your pulging in your guitar, and the amp end is already in, and the amp is on, that sound© I get it very randomly, and it seems like its when i hit a closed "A" on the 5th fret E string, and closed "d" on the A string© I have an Eden WT-800, and D 4x10xlt ¥mono bridged¤© whats wrong©©© eden people help me!!
  2. Congratulations--you've hit some resonant peaks. It's likely that the fretted A is the cabinet's resonant frequency (55 Hz--close to Eden's specs), and the fretted D is the room's resonant frequency.

    Move your amp around a bit and cut bass.
  3. so nothing's broken?!?! oh, my god, thats such a relief, hm©©© it might be because i've been messing around with "reggae Dub" sound's with a 4x10, and the cab is in the corner of my room© that would make sense© thanks©
  4. cschenk78


    Mar 12, 2000
    Watertown, NY
    I wouldn't feel so bad, I bought a Wt800 2 weeks ago...had it one week, in the middle of my fifth gig, I blow it up...so eden sends me a second one, I pick it up on friday, figuring, it couldn't happen again....well lo and behold, right towards the eden of the second set, it fizzes out on me! I had to play the last 2 sets on the keyboardist's peavy...blah blah! They figured out what was wrong with the first, I guess there were some bad transistors that got installed in a whole batch of amps, I should have #3 in a week or so, If there is one more strike, Eden is out!
  5. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    <b><u>Whats wrong wiht my EDEN rig?!?!?</b></u>

    It's not an Ampeg Rig. Just kidding. I hope you find what's wrond (if anything is wrong) w/it.
  6. Damn shame. Eden's a TINY company and supply problems are crippling.
  7. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    Hopefully, it is the resonant peak thingy, but if not, get it looked at. I had problems, (Once upon a time...), with my Eden VT.40 doing the same thing...intermittent, nasty distortion, audible even at moderate and low levels...

    Fortunately, I worked and went to church with an electronics guru. When he looked into the amp, he found a bunch of trim-pots and whatnot that I would never mess with. He hooked the amp up to some kind of scope and found that, after years of pounding, one of the pots had 'self-adjusted'. It was in between the input stage and the power amp. The voltage was slightly off between the two stages causing this 'decay' type distortion. He made a miniscule, (and I do mean tiny!) adjustment and the signal on the scope smoothed right out. A little drop of Loc-Tite, and viola! Problem solved!

    He did say that any amp-tech worth his salt would have found it easily. There is hope... Are you noticing the sound only when playing at volume?? Or at low levels too?? Worth a look...

  8. let me give you guys the background of the head first©©©
    I bought it used from BassNW, and the guys there said it was from a guy who used to work for microsoft, got laid off so he had to sell his huge rig ¥and i mean huge, 2x15's, 8x10's, ect©¤ anyways, they said they open'd it up, and they saw nothing wrong with it at all, so in good faith, and it being only 2 years old, i bought it© Has worked fine until this happend©

    I first noticed the "noise" when i was eqing it for "raggae dub" sound ¥tons of low's high's cut¤, and the volume levels were- Master 12 o'clock, Pre Gain 9 o'clock© not very high levels© I then freaked out, and eq'ed it relitivly flat, boosting 2-3 clicks past 12 o'clock to my likeing, then boosted the volume to about 10:30 ¥due to lack of volume coming from the active eq¤© Distortion kept coming© Got freaked out again© Shut down the amp, came back the next day© Had the level at same level, light "noise" so i droped down the volume, to about 9 o'clock, no "noise" coming at all©

    The amp is in the corner of my room, relitivly small room, and small i mean like about 14ft, by 11ft© So, you guys' are my doctors, so whats the pronosis?
  9. I beg to differ. Putting the master volume at 5 gets into output limit territory, especially if you're boosting the bejeezus out of the bass.

    Dude--2 or 3 clicks past flat is a 6 or 9 dB boost or cut. The Eden equalizer is just ridiculously powerful and has the potential to completely ruin your sound (of course, it can also make your bass sound like heaven itself, as mine has :) ). Ol' Mike Nelson is right--it's best to leave the amp as flat as possible, and cut before boosting.

    Fact is, you're cranking the bass, and you're shaking stuff in the room--the cabinet, the walls, even the amp itself. (Vibration gets to be an issue at 800 watts. Take the head off the cabinet.)

    You have it in the corner of a room that small and you're wondering why it sounds boomy? Well, in all fairness, I have my WT-300 and my two D-210Ts (one upside down so I have a sort of D-410XLT sawed in half) in my dorm room, which is just about the same size as your room. I leave the master volume at 3 (10 o'clock), the gain at 8 (3 o'clock, my bridge pickup's got a defective coil so it's a single-coil, for all intents and purposes), and season to taste with the EQ. Again, try cutting out everything but lows and low mids before you try boosting the bass. The Eden EQ has exceptionally wide bandwidth; I'd recommend cutting by 6-9 dB at 2000Hz (mid) and 4000Hz (high) and leaving treble flat. (You want *some* note definition.)

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