whats wrong with my amp?

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  1. my amp is giving a sorta echo/reverb kinda sound and it really doesnt sound all that good. Its a Laney HCM 120B, and i think ive almost tried every combination of pitches and effects is has to try and lose this echo, but it wond go away completly. what should i do? and is it possable that reverb is built in?
  2. yes, but it may be making that sound because it's wiring is messed or manly old tubes (or what ever), do you have the owner's manual.
  3. i do have the owners manual, but im not sure about the tubes being old, its only 11 months old
  4. how often do you use it?
  5. the amp? well.... not very often actualy, ive used it on a low volume for about 20 hrs in its whole life, a higher volume for about 10 hrs of its life, and about 15mins on full voulme. Thats over 11/12 months.
    If u mean the manual, never.
  6. Hmm...It may have reverb but I never heard of bass amps having that feature, what are the features in that amp? Maybe you need better tubes?

    (I ment the amp)
  7. Paul A

    Paul A

    Dec 13, 1999
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    For definate it'll be a tube gone "Microphonic".
    The quality of even some brand new tubes today is very hit and miss to the least.
    Especially if its Chinese, in which case the original cardboard box is probably better quality!
    If you can't get NOS mullards or something I would use "JJ electronics" tubes (They used to be called "JJ Tesla") they are some of the best quality new tubes.
    I think "Groove Tubes" are rebadged JJ's but I'm not sure?
  8. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
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    Does the Laney have tubes at all?
  9. i dont even know if it has tubes. it doesnt say nething about tubes in the user manual. the other features it had are as follows:

    6 band equaliser
    compresser gain (button)
    bright (button)