what's wrong with my stingray??

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  1. Okay, so, I havent been able to play my stingray out of an amp for about 3 days, So when i got a chance to play it i could hardly get a sound out of it, and the sound that i do get out of it is very quiet and distorted. What could it be? the input? the preamp? i dont know what, what should I do?? i'm pretty distressed over this obviously. Please help. thanks
  2. Battery?
  3. I tried the battery. I changed it, same thing.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    my guess would be the input or a screwu in the wiring but if its not that it could be your amp too it happend to my guitar player it sounds like it was the same thing happening to you (it was a blown fuse and a piece of the ampgot knocked loose)
  5. ahh, sorry, i forgot to mention, i tried my P-bass, it works just fine with the amp, so its not the amp. thanks for ur help. its just weird, like 3 days ago it was working fine, and now its just not working.
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    Feb 2, 2001
    If you used the same cable when you tried the P bass, and the battery's not the problem, it must be something in the onboard preamp or internal wiring. Do you get any effect/change when you adjust the tone or volume pots?
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    im having the same problem with my flea bass, it just camre back from modulus it ws getting repairs, and now i have it here i can't get any output from it. NoNE. I looked in the cavity and nothing is visably shorted, or disconnected. Any thoughts. Batters are good.
  8. hey, i duno what happened, besides me taking the control cavity off and checking the wires, and leaving it sit for like 4 hours, its now working just fine, hopefully it wont happen again, but i'll keep you guys updated. Thanks everyone.
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    It was mad at you for leaving it sit for 3 days, and was letting you know who was in charge.:D :p
  10. haha! yeah probably, just punishing me! only thing is, it wasnt my fault (but i'm sure thats what they all say)... my mom was sick so i culdnt reall play bass (i dont like playing without an amp) so i played my acoustic guitar. Maybe my ray thought i was cheating on her. but i swear we're just friends!
  11. I did not know that the battery is on when i leave the cord plugged in, that might ahve been it, i'll try cleaning it out with a q-tiptoo, just to be safe, even though it is working now. thanks
  12. All you describes sounds like a exhausted battery, but there is a posibility of some dust or obstruction on the input jack. Check it out.