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Whats Wrong?

Discussion in 'Ask Michael Dimin' started by Overkill213, Sep 19, 2000.

  1. Overkill213


    Sep 19, 2000
    I have a Cerwin Vega Amp (head) that handles 600wt in 250 out power and a speaker cabinet that has two 21 inch woofers power aint the prob but i cant seem to get the right sound when im picking you know the crips clear sound? I think itsme or maybe my guitar its a Samick 3/4 Bass 4 stringer (fretted) but what would be a nice set up BG that wont clean me out in the pocket book? Or mayve theres a techinique i havent gotten down. I will explain it like this im getting more of a boom sound there a clean crips low pop I dont know if u get me but if u can help a fellow bassist out?
  2. If they are 21(!) inch woofers, you are never going to get clean crisp highs out of them. Those are supposed to be used as subs.
  3. Overkill213


    Sep 19, 2000
    Yeah with the head a little under a foot tall the cabinet by itself is a good 3 and quarter feet tall the quarter is a rectangle hole to let the airflow out so they dont blow. I was looking at another bass cabinet with four ten or eight inch woofers maybe that'll do the trick. Also does anyone know why when i pick my bass open guitar it makes a hideous buzzing noise I use a digital turner to tune it so the strings shouldnt be too much off (too lose or tight) but when i pick it open string or on fret it buzzes like crazy maybe need to get it restrung? The thing is new strings for a bass aint cheap maybe i should invest in a fretless bg. The funny story about this amp i recently purchased is I told the guy what i had before a starter 20 watt bass amp and i was gonna start playing for some group and needed more power to get to everyone guess just too much sub power.
  4. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Banned

    Dec 11, 1999
    Here's the deal
    1. Get you bass checked out. You might need to have your truss rod tweaked or your frets grind and polished. You might also have some loose frets that need re-setting.

    2. Your Cerwin Vega power amp probably does not have much in the way of a preamp or EQ controls. If this is the case you really need some kind of preamp or EQ. A great power amp will only amplify the signal you send into it. I f you send a lousy signal, that's what you'll hear.

    3.Reedo35 is absolutely right about the 21" speakers. DUMP THEM, NOW. Get a good hi-fi 4x10 cabinet. The speakers are fast enough to deliver the upper transients and 4x10 should give you enough surface area to thunder out the bottom end. If it isn't enough add a 1x15 to the mix.

    If that all fails then you might need to re-think your entire setup.

  5. Overkill213


    Sep 19, 2000
    Cerwin Vega hasnt made instrument equipment amps in a while the piece is actully from about 90-92 it has full equalizer controls its built for a two way so i can have subs and some mids like you were saying i actually tested this setup with some nice Ibanez Bass Guitars they had at the music store and it sounded really good if i set the master for 4 I rumble the house i set it up so that the second sub is off so all i have is the single and later im thinking of getting some mids and probably gonna have my bass checked out its 2 years old brought brand new when i first started playing. The head was selling for 350 and so was the cabinet but i knew the guy and got the whole set up for a mire 500. He said they dont build to many heads like that with those type of EQ controls like they use to cause most have the effects and stuff built on to some effect pedd;es or sound synthesizers i tried there other amps also. One was built like stage speaker monitors(some new style they discovered to puush more bass out) with the 15" none of them had the good loud sound i was looking for this vega had so i believe its probably my bass its a two year old stages 5 samick 3/4. The specs on the head are A Cerwin Vega BG-250 H/L inputs volume Bass Midrange Tremble 6 way equalizer A-f ranging from 73hz-2349hz. Tone Shape NoiseGate Effects/Pull Master Volume, Attenuated/Normal switch and a Bright/Normal Switch and 2 parallel combination outputs (4 ohms). Juices more than puts out it would seem(650 watt power supply handling) but is made to handle with no prob. Actually the dude i think said somehting about coming back for a mid set up later. I like the mid sound but i think the 21 inches work for me cause im usually playing some rough kneck punk or metala lot of opne ended E pulling. Thanks for all the help though it was greatly apppreciated Mike Dimin and reedo 35.

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