What's your favorite electronics?

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  1. I will change the electronics.

    My original pickup is duncan custom jazz pickup~
    and pre-amp is Bartolini NTMB.

    I'm looking for Sadowsky Humcan-celling or Nordstrand single NJ5.

    How do you think about Sadowsky Humcan-celling + Bartolini NTMB electronics?

    Is that good mix?

    Or Nordy NJ5 + NTMB Is better?

    if the NTMB is worst, I have a plan that change the pre-amp.
    OBP-3 or Sadowsky VTC Preamp.

    my bass's spec is..

    Swamp Ash body,
    Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck
    and Flame maple fretboard.

    Mike lull's M5V Bass.
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    How about Bartolini hum cancelling single coils? They'll mate well with your Bart pre.