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whats your favorite setting for your bass?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by loma, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. loma


    Sep 27, 2003
    like how do u set up ur Equalization. in terms of

    Low Low Mid High Mid High
  2. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Bass: 6
    Low mid: 8
    High mid:8
    Treble: 6
  3. Bass: 3 o'clock
    Mid: 1 o'clock
    Treb: 12 o'clock
    and I keep my Volume on 11 ;)
  4. xcental34x


    Feb 28, 2003
    Memphrica, TN
    Low: 9
    Mid: 2
    High: 7

    Gets me a good sound that I like to describe as having "highs tripping over the mids." Gives me bliss from my Stingray into my Peavey and GK cab.

    When I get my GK, I'll try something to the tune of
    Low: 9
    Low mid: 2
    High mid: 4
    High: 7
  5. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    Flat EQ.

    For pick I use more front pickup.
    For fingerstype I use a pretty even blend.