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    Aug 2, 2003
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    hello tb'ers. have a question and would like any feedback anyone would have.

    am currently working a trade for a mesa 400+. want to add another cabinet to my existing 4x10 xlt eden but having some trouble deciding which.

    current thoughts are either going with another xlt 410.....a 1 or 2 x 15 eden....or maybe breaking down and going with the "in crowd" and getting a 2x12 eden. as you can tell i am a big time eden fan for speakers. anyone have any experience with any of these setups?

    the only large rig i have ever run or played through for any extended period of time was a svt cl and a 8x10....loved the sound of having 8x10's but like i said i have never run any kind of rig with mixed speakers. (10's and 2's or 10's and 15's) with a head that was not biampable.

    btw...i play primarily hard rock. i am currently involved in a hard rock cover band covering bands like mudvayne...slipknot...sevendust....hatebreed.....etc. but i want a rig that will be a lot more versatile than just being a one trick pony. i enjoy playing bands in my free time such as dog fashon disco...clutch...and experimenting with trying to learn jazz. i play a stingray 5 and a spector ns2000/4 neck through but will be adding another 5 string soon. either going to be a sadowsky metro m5-24 or a lakland 55-02

    ok..so now that you all know my musical lifes story..what are your opinions. all 4x10's...or should i mix sizes. looking for good solid all around sound.....thats not going to fart when i have to tune to A.....and isnt going to sound like ass when i run up the fretboard for higher registers

    any help would be hot.
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    Apr 13, 2004
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    I was making the switch over to eden... bought a great 2x12 from another TB'er. Several deals on Navigator pre's fell through and I wound up with an Ampeg. And then I jumped on a good deal for an Ampeg SVT 410HLF... so in the end, guess i'm really an Ampeg guy.

    While my 4x10's basic sound is a lot different than yours, I think the 2x12 makes a really great match with it. The different cabs compliment each other in a way that 2 times the same sound doesn't (to my ears). When I'm only using the 4x10, I have to mess with the eq. When I use (or used to use) 2 4x10 cabs, had to mess with the eq. When I add the 2x12 to the 4x10, I can take the eq out and it sounds perfect.