when are you most thankful to have your bass?

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  1. Maybe there is already a thread like this, I'm not really sure and am feeling spontaneous, if there is I'll delete it right away. Obviously there are a lot of different players on this forum. There is a great spectrum of players ranging from age, to experience level and playing style but a universal theme seems to be that people love it. I was wondering, when are you happiest to have your bass, or during what time in your life did having your bass mean the most. The reason I ask, kind of embarrasing to say, I just got out of a pretty serious relationship and having my bass around is aweosme when I just need to take my mind off of stuff. I'm curious to know when other people are really thankful to have their bass to fall back on.
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    At gigs.
  3. Almost all the time recently. When I got my first bass I couldn't stop playing, even though I didn't know much. Took lessons, but the teacher didn't teach me much(all he ever did was make me bring in CDs so he could write out tab for me...even though I could read bass clef poorly) so I stopped lessons and after that I sortof stopped playing, unless I jammed with my guitarist friend(some great jams) or I was feeling down. In June I got asked to help some friends throw together a jam set since the singer lost her voice...we didn't get a whole set together, but I guess that was my pseudo-audition and ever since then I have played at least once a day. It has really revitalised my playing and I've since gotten 2 more basses and my first one defretted. And I have them set up in such a way around the house that I don't have to go far to get one and practice. I play late at night, when I wake up, 5 minutes before I leave for class. Can't get enough of it now. My playing has improved and I'm just happy to be playing all the time now. Serenade in Silence Just before we recorded the take for this(at least the drum/bass take since I thought the guitarist should use a 12 string acoustic instead of her strat) the guitarist/singer asked me to play something an octave higher in the last chorus. I took it to mean a bass solo. Had no ideas for what to do, and before it would take me awhile to think of something, but I just played something and it worked perfectly. This story has no relevance to the original topic...but I just felt like sharing.
  4. ha, very good to hear. yeah I'm trying out for another band on monday whose style is completely different than anything i've ever played. I guess that is good seeing as the drummer of my current band dropped on us today the possibility that he leaves us for a band that'll be taking things more seriously, so now I'm playing constantly to get on top of my game, although if that comes to be I'll have to get rid of my beloved Tbird for something that'd suit the music a bit better...but we'll save that battle for another day i suppose
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    :D :D :D

    I actually like to escape to my closet (where my bass and amp reside) when the family is starting to nestle into bed. That way they can't say that I JUST play my bass and not spend quality time with them. Otherwise, I would come home from work - eat, watch tv, help w/homework, spend time with family, and then go to bed. This way, I at least have something of my own that I enjoy - I think of it as my own escape.

    I just started bass this year (at age 40). I feel sometimes that I am too old to learn something like this - seems I'll be 60 by the time I get decent. But, I remember my best friend back in high school. His father started learning banjo in his 50s - and he was actually getting pretty good after a short time.
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    All the time.

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    Whenever I'm trying to establish a groove with the drummer. It would be terribly difficult without the bass.