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When did Fender discontinue the Road Worn 50s Precision series?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Thom Fioriglio, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. Hi all, I just bought a 2016 Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass. After a week with it, I really like it. However, still checking them out on Reverb. There are two listed from 2019. The serial numbers check out. I thought Fender stopped producing these in 2016. Anyone have any info on when production stopped and if it was 2016, why the 2019 ones exist? Thanks.

  2. AFAIR they were still available in 2019.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2020
  3. FranF

    FranF Supporting Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    Northeastern PA
    Yep, 2019s are out there...
  4. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    once Vintera appear.....
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  5. Thanks. So then the Vintera came out with the Player Series. So Standard and Classic 50s series stopped and Player and Vintera series begins.
  6. I sent an inquiry to Fender regarding this. Here is the reply I got.

    Thanks for reaching out. These were introduced in 2009 and they were discontinued in 2019. I ran that serial number and it's legit. I hope this helps. Have a nice day!


    Kelsey Frix
    Fender Musical Instruments
    Gear Advisor | U.S. Direct Sales Representative

    So, used Road Worns on Reverb from 2019 are correct. Reverb lists them as being discontinued in 2016. So that was causing my confusion.
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  7. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    There are always appear wrong detail, wrong information and wrong bass as described on Reverb.
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  8. ErikP.Bass

    ErikP.Bass Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2004
    Does anyone know if the guitar series was also discontinued as well? There were strats and teles.
  9. ErikP.Bass

    ErikP.Bass Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2004
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