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When fate found you your bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by keiththebassist, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Anyone have any good stories of a bass that they fell in love with that they found purely by chance or accident?

    Here's mine:

    I used to work in a music shop that was mainly high end pianos and really low end guitars and basses but started to carry some ESP stuff just to test the waters. We got in the standard, George Lynch, Alexi Laiho and Kirk Hammet stuff that was not really my bag (don't play guitar anyway).

    So I walk in one day to start my shift and sitting on a stand staring me in the face right when I walk in is an ESP/LTD F-4E. Natural high gloss finish, five piece mahogany maple neck through, Ebony fretboard, 35" scale, EMG pickups etc. I had never seen a bass with body cuts like this. The solid body/color models just look like pointy metal basses to me but with the natural finish and elegant wood grain it just looked like a stunner, the perfect mix of classy and dangerous! This bass pulled me in like a tractor beam! Five seconds after plugging it in I was stupified.

    I asked the owner why it was here since the bass selection in the shop was all super low end stuff (like Johnson). he told me that it was accidentally shipped with their last order from ESP so he figured he'd pay for it and just throw it out there to see if anyone bit. I immediately took it off the floor and stuck it in a case behind the register. It lasted all of three hours in the store. It had a retail price of around $700 but being an employee I scored it for just over cost $349 out the door!

    Pure chance brought me this bass, and I play it all the time, it will go with me to the grave...

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  2. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
  3. Pillgrimm13


    Sep 29, 2009
    queensbury ny
    well, im a bc rich guy and 5 or 6 years ago i saw a usa snakeskin warlock that ide been looking for since my friend bought a snakeskin warlock guitar a year after i started playing bass that had 6 days left on ebay. i put a bid in for 300 thinking i would be out bid. the last day came and i had to work when it went off so i thought for sure somebody would out bid me at the last minute but nobody did. when i got it it played looked and sounded and played perfect. i love that bass its my fav by far. then a couple of years ago around my birthday they started making the widow bass a production model which was a bass i lusted for for 20 years. i talked about it to my girlfriend for years that i wanted one. well one showed up on ebay so i showed her the ebay auction just so she would finally see what i was talking about for all these years and she handed me her card and said happy birthday! i couldnt believe it and thought she was kidding but now ive got my second dream bass.
  4. theretheyare


    Sep 4, 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    Endorsing: Arkham Vacuum Tube Amplification
    I have an old 80ties jazz bass copy that was given to me by a drummer friend who had been given it by his friend years ago when that guy moved back to Japan. When i took it out of a moldy old gig bag it had a bowed back neck and rusty old strings on it. Plugged it in like that and form the 1st note I just knew - sweet baby jesus what a kick in the *ss thump came out of that thing. Aint worth anything but i'll hang on to it, and not only because it was a gift. :)
  5. ronaldpdbrandt

    ronaldpdbrandt Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    Suffolk County, NY
    I had been on the lookout for a Rickenbacker for a few months. One afternoon last October, I was about to leave work, but for some reason I decided to to a quick check on my local CL. Right at the top of the list was a 1981 4003, posted only minutes prior. It was located a mere thirty minutes away, and--more importantly--priced to sell at $800. I emailed him immediately, and he called me within minutes and told me I was the first person to contact him.

    Needless to say, I was at the seller's house in less than half an hour (even with a stop at the bank!). Since it was a little dinged up (mainly buckle rash), I was able to talk him down to $750! It turns out that the seller was a drummer who had not played recently and was cleaning out his basement/practice space.

    By the way, this was not long ago, around October of 2011, not the mid-1990s, as the price would suggest!

    EDIT: I forgot to add a picture...here it is, next to a more recent acquisition, a 1982 Washburn Force 8, which was obtained through the TB classifieds):

  6. nickbass79


    Nov 11, 2009
    North Carolina
    I was on my third deployment to Afghanistan when I came across a 2 year old post for a Carl Thompson 6 Fretless. I emailed the seller to see if it was still available, and it was. I ended up getting it for MUCH less than any I have seen for sale before. The bass is AMAZING and I just couldn't pass it up for the price.

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  7. HometownLetdown


    Sep 14, 2011
    My favorite band is Story of the Year, I have seen more than my fair share of shows they have played, going as far as flying to another state to see the shows. One show I saw he was playing a different bass, it pulled me in like no other bass I have ever heard seen. He was playing an EBMM Trans Orange Sterling H, maple, non matching headstock. Well my fantasy finally became a reality after 3 years, I am purchasing one from BassCentral, cannot wait until it gets here.
  8. In '91 I had the town not-so-right guy knock on my door when I was in high school and hand me my first real bass. He said he heard I had started playing and had it sitting in his room. He wanted to give it to someone he thought would use it. Up until this point I was using a short scale Hondo that had busted pick ups. I opened up the case to find an '89 G&L sb-1! It was my main gigging bass for 18 years.
  9. Spinal Tapper

    Spinal Tapper

    Nov 15, 2007
    On a Tuesday in early April or 2010, a seller posted an ad on Craigslist for a 1962 Fender Precision bass for $950. The EXACT amount of cash I had stashed away in my sock drawer at the time.

    No photo, or any info regarding the bass included in the ad. And it was taken down about an hour later...probably from a barrage of emails

    Me being the constant CL lurker that I am, contacted the seller immediately as it was listed - he said I was the second person to contact him.

    He sent one blurry photo of what appeared to be a 62 P with a jazz PU routed. I wrote him back nicely asking him if he'd hang onto it for 4 days when I was going to head into the town, about 50 miles away, where he had it listed (coincidentally, to go visit my parents that weekend in the same town). I figured even if it was a Reissue or a real messed up 62, $950 would still be a good deal.

    He ACTUALLY HELD ONTO IT FOR ME and mentioned he had people offering "whatever he wanted for it" but he told them, Nope, I'm holding onto it for this guy who contacted him first. I had been doing my research all week so I could identify the original parts upon arrival.

    I got there, plugged it in, and knew right away it was the real deal - the thing sounds like pure heaven. Turns out he was mainly a keyboard player who was no longer interested in bass, but he had a few other basses (no Fenders). Its actually an early 62, refinished neck and body, slabboard, with a handwritten date of 2/62 on the neck. I handed him the $950 which he seemed happy to take from me, and he reminded me not to forget the 60's Fender case to keep it in safely...also threw in the original bridge, screws, and ashtray :bassist:

    I literally RAN out of his house and sped away. I almost felt like a thief.

    Funniest thing about it, is the guy lived about 2 minutes down the street from my parent's house. Every time I pick this bass up in my hands, I STILL can't believe I own it. Its seriously my baby. Here's a few pics of the bass...I've since put the stock bridge on, and replaced the knobs with real 60's ones.

    the photo he sent me...

    some better pictures of it...


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  10. On a Sunday morning in January of 2010, I was supposed to play golf, but it rained. So I was sitting at home when my friend bassmonkeee from here on the forum called to say he was going to Guitar Center for strings and did I want to go. So we went. While he got his strings, I wandered into the bass room and picked up a Fender American Std. Precision 5-string. I had tried and failed with 5-strings before, but I'd been thinking about it again because of drop-tuning issues with my band. Well, this bass had me dead to rights in five seconds. It was just perfect, and it still is. And if the sun was out that day, I wouldn't have it.
  11. Didn't get an insanely good price or anything but here goes: I went into my local GC for new patch cables. I had a half hour to burn before practice so I went into the bass room and messed around for 15 minutes and started to leave. I looked left to the tech's table and saw a Black Modulus FB-5 sitting there... I had never seen one up close, and I noticed that it has a tag on it. I asked what the deal was and they said that it was being looked over and then going to be placed on the sales floor. I plugged it in and played for about 5 seconds before I knew I had to have it. Took it to practice with me that day and haven't played any of my other basses since.
  12. I walked into the store and they had a great bass / I saw an ad for a great bass. I bought it. The end.
  13. A few years back I walked into a little music shop in St. Albans, WV called the Fret and Fiddle. There was a small group of folks playing bluegrass in the corner. I'm looking around and pick up a '68 Tele bass they have hanging on the wall. I got it down and fingered it for a few minutes thinking 'this thing is pretty cool'. But as I start to hang it back up on the wall, one of the bluegrassers says "Don't hang that thing up, come over here and play with us". After thumping on the bass with those guys in the store for about an hour and a half, I was completely hooked. I got the store to hold it for me and went back to pick it up on payday.
  14. ronaldpdbrandt

    ronaldpdbrandt Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    Suffolk County, NY
    Thanks for your illuminating addition to the conversation, Captain Buzzkill.
  15. smogg


    Mar 27, 2007
    NPR, Florida
    I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
    Early 2000 went to a Ted Nugent concert. Tommy Aldridge on drums, Marco Mendoza on bass. (awesome rhythm section by the way)All night kept thinking how good the bass sounded and from my vantage the body style was pleasing to my eye. Did some research and found out at the time Mendoza was using/endorsing(?) USA Peavey Millennium(s). Went down to my local Sam Ash and they had 3 hanging on the wall. The green-burst (officially known as "black teal") 5er really caught my eye. It was love at first play, bought it right then and there. It immediately became my #1 and has been my only bass for about 7 or 8 years now.
  16. Back in the summer I had been wanting to get into playing a 5 string. I was really wanting one of the new Squier VMJ 5ers but couldn't find one to try before I plopped the $$ down. I was near a local store one day with my wife and thought I'd stop in and see if they had one in stock. They didnt but the did have a Lakland 55-01, with a really nice quilted maple top. I noodled around on it, but at $900 I knew I wasn't gonna get it. I would joke around with my wife about ways to pay for it. One day she said I could get it. Now I was thinking "do I really NEED it".

    I started looking around to see if I could find something comprable but not as expensive, including a used 55-01. I started checking the Carvin site about buiding a kit. I was leaning toward that, when I came across a B5 in the in stock section for a few dollars less than the 55-01. It was a bit different than what I was gonna build, but close enough. I hemmed and hawed around on THAT one for about a week, and finally decided to order it. When I finally got around to calling Carvin and ordering the bass, I got online to get the phone number and look at the instock section at the picture one more time, IT WAS GONE! I freaked, and just got depressed. I clicked on the specials section to just look a bit, and there it was, $50 cheaper than it had been the week before. I'm glad I waited now, that $50 was a nice surprise!


    edit cuz I cant spell!
  17. RiGarcia1983


    Nov 27, 2011
    Sweet stories!
    My ****** johnson jazz broke in many places...i was desperate to play because I had just gotten a new amp. So I asked my pal to look around for a standard jazz under 200 on ebay (i had my future bass dreams set on a warwick" so he found a fuzzy pic of a black jazz and I ended up getting it for 180....
    It arrives and its a deluxe active with a badass 2 and upgraded pu's booyah im in love!
  18. My Czech-made SSD, which is my main gigging bass these days.

    I decided that I needed an active bass for my acoustic rock/pop band because my old Fender Jazz just wasn't sitting in the mix well with that band. I drove and hour away to where the GC and Sam Ash stores are- they're right next to each other in Richmond.

    I went into Sam Ash and on the wall was the SSD, which is a pretty but not stunning bass. I plugged it in and played some and it was perfect. It had some scratchy volume pots, so I talked them down by $50. Then I asked for them to hold it for an hour while I thought about buying, and I went next door to GC to see what they had.

    When I came back, the bass was off the wall. I told them I wanted it. Then it got weird. They said that the bass was actually on lay-away and should not have been on display. So pretty dejected, I left.

    Then about a year later, I was shopping and saw the same exact bass on the wall in GC, right next door to the Sam Ash. Even though it was $100 more I bought it immediately and it's been my main gigging bass ever since. It was fated to be!
  19. winston

    winston Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    In 2006 I was looking at apartments in Berkeley, CA. I drove by the local GC and decided to stop in. I had recently bought a 6 string Pedulla and a fretless Stambaugh 4 and was preparing to quit my job & move to the SF Bay Area.

    In the parking lot I told myself, "I am absolutely not going to buy anything UNLESS I find a reasonably priced Pedulla Rapture with either P/J or or soapbar pickups." I have a 5 string Rapture with J/J pickups that I absolutely adore.

    I walked in and saw a used Candy Apple Red Rapture 4 with a single soapbar. I plugged it in and noticed loud crackling & humming, and saw that it had a number of paint chips, but everything else was in great condition. The frets had almost zero wear and the bass sounded fantastic. They knocked $400 off the price and included a case.

    I got the volume pot & output jack replaced, and had the cavity shielded...now it's dead silent. Still loving the bass...it has great ergonomics and sounds wonderful no matter what strings are on it.
  20. In 1982 I ordered a Carvin LB50 Koa "Taz" from the factory and 6 weeks later it was delivered much to my delight. That bass has been my main squeeze all these years, sometimes it was my only bass. It was my companion for all the years i was a pro touring all over the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Taz has had some work done to it the neck was pretensioned, planed and refretted. Both tone caps have been replaced with Sprague orange drops.

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