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When you have something good, hold on to it

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by miccheck1516, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    Not really sure why im writing this, i just need to get it off my chest, if a mod wants to delete it feel free do to so, or pm me and i will, anyway here goes.

    Ive been with a girl for almost 5 months, (itll be 5 in two days). We have both liked each other from the day we met but circumstances never really let us go out together, anytime she was free, i had a gig to play, anytime i was free, she was otherwise engaged, anyway. We managed to get together 5 months ago, i left someone to go out with her. Everything was going great untill about two weeks my ex called me up in a horrible state. She was crying on the phone how much she missed being with me and how since the day we split up she hasnt felt the same about anything, i wasnt too bothered about that, i told her that we are friends, really good friends and she should value that, because generally im not friends with ex g/f's. So that was that. Sorted.

    i think not. She then sent me a txt message telling me how she had been cutting herself because of me, and that she had no friends and such, i sent her one back saying that sshe is one of my best friends and that i love her and if anything happened i would be really screwed up about it and all tha malarky. She then decided to send me a txt msgs somethign like this 'i love you too, you are my everything i dont know what i would do without you, i love you so much' I didnt read the message, when i got it i was busy, then i forgot about it and it was on my phone for a week or so. Then on friday night my g/f was over, and saw my new phone and wanted to play with it 'no problem' i think. So i go to the fridge to get another beer. When i get back my g/f is sitting there with a sad face and i have no idea whats going on, after about 5 minutes of silence (dosent sound like much, but it is) i ask here whats going on:
    'I shouldnt have done it, but i read your messages and ther is one from clare in there'
    (My g/f knows clare is my ex) Me not knowing what is going on laughs 'your taking the piss right?' she shows me the message. I didnt knwo what to say. All my g/f saw was
    'i love you too, you are my everything i dont know what i would do without you, i love you so much'
    Now that like hearing a song with no bass, vocals, or guitar. Its sounds totally wrong. I ended up trying to explain to my g/f that no i hadnt told clare i loved her (not in the way i tell my g/f i do) and i mean what was i expected to do? let a friend sit and cut herself because of me? God i felt so horrible, but i just didnt knwo what to do, it was one of those situations where one person is going to get hurt, i sorta hoped my g/f would understand, she did in the end. It just made me realise how much she means to me, and appreciate that i have someone who is prepared to listen, she could have just walked out after reading that message. would have been 5 months down the drain, and crap, its her birthday on saturday, and guess who has no money? lol.

    When you have something good, hold on to it, you might never get it back again

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