Whens the best time to ajust my neck?

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  1. I have not been able to play my bass in a month due to a broken finger and I need to change my strings and do a neck ajustment.

    I usualy do a neck ajust when ever it needs it but since Im changing my strings(same guage) I was wondering if I should ajust the neck with the old strings on, no strings on(got to clean finger board 2 if that has and thing to do with it since theres goin to be no tension on the neck for a while), or with the new strings on?

    Thx in advanced
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    If they're the same make and gauge of strings, you should be able to adjust it with the strings you have now. You don't ever want to do it with no tension because it won't give you a true reading. Unless, of course, you own a Fender that makes you unbolt the neck to adjust the truss rod.

    I I should mention that if it currently plays fine with the strings that are on it, just leave it alone. You can adjust your stuff too much and needlessly complicate things. Likewise, cleaning and oiling can be done too much, too. Usually just wiping everything down with a clean cloth is sufficient unless your fingerboard is unusually dried out (which it probably isn't) and your frets are tremendously filthy (which they're probably not either).
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    Am I the only one here that adjusts the truss rod with no string tension? With the strings off, I adjust the truss rod until the neck is flat. Then, when I tighten the strings up the relief is about right.

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