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Where are the 6 string brass nuts?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by peoriashows, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. I'm having a heck of a time finding a brass nut blank for my luthier to use on my 6 string bass. The neck width is 2 1/4"

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. I already checked the usual suspects like All Parts, WD & Warmoth.
  2. walterw

    walterw Supportive Fender Commercial User

    Feb 20, 2009
    he's a "luthier" and he can't source a brass nut blank?

    try a machine shop maybe. there's different grades of brass, but one or two in particular are best for bearing surfaces because they have lower friction. that's the stuff you want.
  3. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    Ken Smith
  4. Thanks. Do you know which grade to ask for?

    He has a lot of sources for brass nuts, but couldn't find anything for 6 string bass, short of going to a machine shop. That's what's hapening next.
  5. Already asked. He won't sell it seperately.
  6. Hi.

    Any machine shop will have plenty.

    As will most of the scrap yards.

    Any copper alloy will do, but:

    I prefer bronze over brass, as brass isn't very good bearing material because of the (obviously) high Zinc content.

    From bronzes, I prefer tin-bronze over aluminium-bronze, but mainly because
    I prefer it in the bearings as well, so I have plenty. The easiest way to tell Al- and Sn- bronzes is a magnet, quite a few of the most common Al-bronzes contain enough Fe to be noticeable.

  7. AJinAnaheim


    Aug 23, 2010
    One Block North of Disneyland
    Manufacturer - Dickhead Designs
    Copper is way to hard to deal with. Bronze is an acceptable alturnative that turns a rainbow of colors when making the nut due to the heat that it's exposed to. I do mycarta, dilron, brass, ebony, tusq, graphite did I miss any stainless touch and expensive labor wise.

  8. testing1two

    testing1two Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2009
    Southern California
  9. iiipopes

    iiipopes Supporting Member

    May 4, 2009
    Are you sure you really want brass? That's a real late-'70's thing (I lived through it). In the past 30 years, it's been shown that brass can actually be too soft and wear worse than bone for a nut, and there can be a difference in tone and sustain (or lack thereof) from an open string to a fretted string.

    I recommend you stick with a traditional bone nut.
  10. grendle


    Mar 4, 2011
    Central FL
    Did you try having a dealer order you one for a warwick? The just-a-nut 1 is great and have used it as up upgrade on a few basses. They won't sell parts to the public but will to a dealer.
  11. slaphappychappy


    May 25, 2011
    Is funny. A luthier put out a book in the 70s and used every possible material for nuts and found it had no effect on the sound at all.
  12. walterw

    walterw Supportive Fender Commercial User

    Feb 20, 2009
    i'd love to see a copy!

    i think i hear a difference on open strings between, say, brass and graphite, but once they're fretted, forget it.

    i even did a little test on a guitar by using the "worst" nut material i could think of, a chunk of red rubber eraser. shoved under the strings as a makeshift nut, i heard no decrease in tone or sustain of the fretted notes.
  13. bass rocks

    bass rocks

    Nov 15, 2010
    wish i had some brass nuts
  14. slaphappychappy


    May 25, 2011
    I'll ask my bass guy what its called cos he told me all about the book. The author is a well known luthier. He tested Wood types and resonance, etc.
  15. 5stringsoffury


    Dec 14, 2015
    Funny, seeing this older post I am running into the same issues. I have the ability to machine my own and have made several 5 string adjustable versions out of naval brass. The tone difference is highly noticeable and I won't use plastic, graphite, etc. anymore. Looks like I'm going to be making one for my six string soon...

    Attached Files:

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  16. Gilmourisgod


    Jun 23, 2014
    Cape Cod MA
    Most model/hobby shops have some brass and aluminum bar stock, the one near me has stuff in various thickness, including 1/8" and 3/16", I think your Luthier needs to get out more. :D Its easy to get wrapped up in the word Luthier, which usually means paying twice as much for the same stuff.
  17. fhm555

    fhm555 So FOS my eyes are brown Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2011
    I’ve got a nut made of navel bronze which is much harder than most other grades of red brass.
  18. ZedLepp


    May 12, 2013
    There is a company on Ebay that will make you any size nut you want. They are called AxeMasters.
    I like to use their compensated nuts for my guitars.
  19. 5stringsoffury


    Dec 14, 2015
    It is much denser as well and transmits the vibration very well. The tone difference on every bass I've made one for is night and day.
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