where are you fulltone bassdrive?

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  1. does anyone know of anyway i can hear one of these or even try one out before purchasing one. The web site does not offer sound clips and no stores around here seem to carry it (ive never sen one at the local GC) Are there any sound clips i can download or any songs with the fulltone being used?
  2. I emailed both musictoyz and Mike Fuller about the possiblity of putting up a sound sample and never got a response from either of them. That was a year ago.

    I can't find any sound samples of the EBS Multidrive either. It's almost like there's some kind of law against having sound samples of bass overdrives.


    Sep 26, 2001
    in the sun
    I bought the fulltone bassdrive but on pure reputation, I'm still waiting for it. Fulltone and ebs are considered the best, and I fugured I kinda liked the run-of-the-mill pedals ie: boss, dod, Ibanez.
    so I concluded that I will most likely love the fulltone. If not you can sell it on ebay, they're going for full price anyway. so you will only loose your shipping costs. I hope I like it.
  4. I bought my FBD without pre-testing. Now I compare it to other OD's that are more available.
    FDB wins everytime.

    Give us a review when it arrives!
  5. stevekim


    Feb 11, 2000
    los angeles, ca
    i love my fulltone bassdrive. the new silver case looks awesome and the sound is great. there are two channels, i like to set the first one to very subtle overdrive and the second to a more extreme fuzz. i can go from clean to overdrive by tapping the left switch and then go to fuzz by tapping the right switch and back to clean again.

    the sound is really smooth, and full of bass. much better than the rat i was using before. it's actually pretty different from the rat. with the bassdrive, it's possible to add just a hint of overdrive, the type you hear when you're really digging into the strings and it sounds great. if you're after crazy, extreme,tone-less, distortion the rat may beat the bassdrive, but it can't touch the fulltone in terms of warm, grinding, "tube-like" overdrive.