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where can i buy "the bass gang" CD's

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by veggieboy, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. i have searched for them but i cant find them. if you have never heard of the bass gang you should check out their website, and especially thier audio demos. the website is http://www.thebassgang.org. i couldent understand alot of it becuase alot of it is in italian. if anyone has their CD i would like to know where you bought it.

  2. anonymous0726

    anonymous0726 Guest

    Nov 4, 2001
    Let me know when you find out.
  3. sure thing
  4. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
  5. OHHHHH!!
    why didnt i think of that!

    thanks alot!
  6. A little help if you need it. I am going through Rob Gourlay`s "Walking in the Footsteps of...Sam Jones" book and was having problems finding some of the transcribed recordings. Amazon...B & N....Borders..Tower...nobody could get some of them because they were now Japanese imports and out of print. A couple of months ago I was in Pittsburgh visiting my brother "he`s in the middle of building a new studio http://www.audibleimages.net/ shamless plug".... and he told me about.. www.musicmaster.com Recordrama is out of Pittsburgh and we went to check it out. I understand that they have a larger inventory the the Library of Congress. Is it true?...doubt it but hey...they got a bunch of s*!t. I found "Horace Parlan Movin & Groovin", "Barry Harris...at the workshop" and others. They told me that they would mail out what I wanted to just call them up and see if they have it at the time. You will PAY for their selection. Like $19.99 for alot of their used stuff. Some more some less. Just thought I would let you guys know if your looking for something particular.

  7. ok, i tried to click on the brittish flag, and that gave me the index in english, and i clicked on the catlog, and selected the bass gang CD, but the form you have to fill out is in italian. i can figure out some of the things like "fax" :p and "citta" but i cant figure out the other ones, and i dont want to guess.

    Codice ordine: 997613099
    Quantità totale: 1
    Prezzo totale: 15,00 €
    Sconto quantità: 0 %
    Totale: 15,00 €
    Iva: 0 %
    Spese di spedizione: 4,60 €
    Totale a pagare: 19,60 €

    Dati Ricevuta fiscale/Fattura

    Nominativo privato/Ditta*:
    Codice Fiscale/P.IVA*:

    Dati destinazione merce (solo se diversi da sopra)




    * significa campi obbligatori
  8. alberto


    Nov 17, 2004
    I'm alberto bocini, bass player from Italy, member of "the Bass Gang" and founder of NBBrecords (a CD label around the bass world). Sorry for my poor english! Thanks to everybody for your interest in our "Gang"! The easyest way to have our CD is through NBB website; you're right, it's time to finally fix the english page!! for the moment I can translate here the form you need to fill and that still appares only in italian:

    Nominativo privato/Ditta*: / NAME (put your name)

    Via*: / STREET

    Città*: / CITY

    Provincia*: / PROVINCE (in Italy we have to put the two id letters of the province, if you do not have them just put "OO"


    Codice Fiscale/P.IVA*: / FISCAL CODE (italian staff: just put "00000000000" )

    Dati destinazione merce (solo se diversi da sopra) / ADDRESS
    TO SHIP (only if it is different from above)

    Nome: / NAME
    Cognome: / SURNAME
    Via: / STREET
    Città: / CITY
    Provincia: /PROVINCE


    Tel: (not necessary)
    Fax: (not necessary)
    Mail*: (NECESSARY)

    thanks again and stay tuned: big fat news are on the way!
  9. How's that for service?

    Hi Alberto! Welcome to TBDB. I think most of us have downloaded clips from your site and everyone i've talked to regarding the Bass Gang is thrilled with your work!
    Thanks for your post making it easier to purchase your CD, which I plan on ordering as soon as possible.
    Again, we're honored for your response.
  10. Nice to have guys like You around!
    Your pear-shaped instrument is fabulous. Please tell us more about it!

  11. Peter Ferretti

    Peter Ferretti

    Jun 7, 2005
    Does the "Gang" travel any? I would love to hear some of their concerts.