Where can I find a 7 String Chord diagram?

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  1. Seven string players, While I decide between a Warrior or Conklin 7 or another Pedulla 6,I'd like to find a 7 string chord diagram so that I can decide whether to go with a six or seven string bass.

    I've drawn up little string/fret boxes to see what I thought I could reach with the additional high F string but I'm not sure I'm really getting it.

    Is there a book out yet? A web page simialr to "Dave's Six String Bass Page"?

    Do any of you think that it's actually EASIER to play chordally on a six rather than a seven? If so why?

    Thanks for the help. (Especially John T. who's been very generous with info for me. What a great guy!)

    I'll make an instrument choice by Xmas time. Thanks Jim T.
  2. You're in luck. I already had this posted for someone else:

    http://www.unpronounceable.com/temp/7-string-charts.zip ( it's a 6.8MB zip file )

    The documents include dozens of scale and chord diagrams for 7-string standard ( BEADGCF ) tuning.

    They are in Word 2000 format though. They were created for my own use and meant to be printed.

    Get the 7-string! :)

    Hanewinckel Guitars ( http://www.hguitars.com/ ) makes great 7-strings:


    - Dave
  3. Thanks so much Dave! But I can't access ZIP files/folders. Is there a way you can send it in either Appleworks or Microsoft Word? I appreciate your info very much! Thanks for the H. 7 photo. Beautiful. Is that yours? Jim T.:cool:
  4. Yep, that's my 7. I have a fretless on order. I should get it sometime next week.

    Try this:


    It's in Microsoft Word 2000 format though. What version of Word do you have?

    - Dave
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  5. Hi Dave,
    Rats, that didn't work. I don't actually have word, but use acrobt reader as a translator. I do have Appleworks. Any other ideas? Will you be putting this stuff on your web page? (I've been there before as it turns out-didn't realize you were THAT Dave!)

    I've been looking at H.'s "Fusion" body style...

    Thanks again Dave-You're a prince among men! Jim T.
  6. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
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    Dave... dude... you RULE. These are lots more useful than the random voicings you have on the 6-string Bass Page. These should make a nice start for my chording explorations.

    And by the way, they print fine on Word 97. Not in color, but who cares?
  7. Thanks!

    Are you referring to this page:


    or the old obsolete version ( which, apparantly, I forgot to upload to my new ISP )?

    Jim, I'll see if I can convert those to acrobat files at work sometime. Otherwise, I can print them and send them to you if you reimberse me for the printing and sending costs. ( shouldn't be much )

    These charts are in black and white. I did that to save toner in my printer. They weren't just converted but rendered using new graphics.

    - Dave
  8. I probably won't be updating the site for a long time. Sorry. Not enough demand to justify the time and space.

    Yeah, the Fusion is a great style. That's what my new bass will have. Here's one of their latest Fusions:


    - Dave
  9. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
    NW suburban Chicago
    Pretty sure it was the old version -- I think it had "unpronounceable" in the URL.

    Thanks again for the updates!
  10. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
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    Can't beat the Conk GT7 for value. Everything works, feels great, etc. I'd'a bought Dickens models if money were less limited, but I am TICKLED with the GT7's.

    I prefer 7 for chords. There's more room lower on the neck to play clear-range chords, and as long as you stay in all-fourths tuning, you have a couple of options which string to play the root on and still have room above for a whole chord.

    Although, of course, there are people doing amazing things with 6's -- heck, Berlin does OK with 4! Me, I figure I just need all the help I can get...
  11. Thanks Dave. Let's go ahead and try Acrobat if you get the chance. If all else fails I have a friend witha Zip drive that MAY work...
    Snail mail can be an option later. I'd be happy to reimburse you for the trouble.

    Eli, Thank you for the input. My original intent was to get another Pedulla fretted to go with my fretless, hence having the exact same neck to preserve muscle memory/learning speed. BUT those 7s call to me too!
    The BD Conklin IS a really good deal. :confused: Jim T.
  12. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
    NW suburban Chicago
    Well, can't argue with THAT logic... that'e EXACTLY why I have a GT7 and a GT7F.

    No question. But it was still $600 more than the GT7 so it wasn't an option for my, er, chief financial officer... :(
  13. Bruce Lindfield

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    I think you're getting the the wrong end of the stick here. Zip files are nothing to do with Zip disks. WinZip is a utility for compressing large files, that you can get free from several places on the internet - you don't need a Zip drive to open them!!

    Try this page :

  14. Hi Dave,
    OHHHH! Thanks for the education. I'm working from an Imac and I don't have windows capability. I keep getting disconnected trying to download. Is this because it's a Windows based program? Is there any way to compress and send something in a jpeg file?
    I THINK I can open up any jpeg file...

    If we can't get this to work, here's my snail mail address (sent to your private email) if you'd care to mail me at least a page of common voicing seventh chords so that I can get an idea if I'd like to go with seven strings or not. Many thanks! Jim T.
  15. Hi Eli,
    Yeah, I've got a "Minister of Finance" too!:D
    I was really turned on by the BD but haven't had a chance to play a fretless version. I hate to be so shallow, but I'm not sure if I like the body style enough to go that route. The Pedulla MVP body is my favorite style by far of ANY manufaturer/builder so I'm trying to get past that! If Pedulla brought out a 7, my indecision/problem might come to an immediate end!:rolleyes: Jim T.