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Where can I find Hide Glue?

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by kik4adog, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. kik4adog


    Jan 3, 2002
    I've got a buzz in my bass and I think I can tell where it is coming from.
    If at all possible I'd like to fix it myself.I was wondering if anyone could tell me what stores sell Hide Glue though.I went to Home Depot and noone there even knows what it is.

    I was also told of a type of material you could put on some of the dinged up places on the bass so they don't crack.Something that you put on rotted wood or something.
    Anyone know about that?It' supposed to harden it and toughen it up.

    Also..I remember a while back there was a link in one of the forums to a site on how to fix loose seams with Hide Glue.If anyone knows of a good resource to find those instructions on the web I would appreciate it if you send me a link.
    Thank you very much!
  2. Kevinlee


    May 15, 2001
    Phx, AZ..USA
    I happened to see some hide glue in Home Depot the other day (that's a sort of big hardware and building supply place here in AZ) I don't know if there's different kinds of hide glue but you can probably find it at one of these home improvement places.

  3. wjgbass


    Mar 20, 2002
    Franklin makes a readymade hide glue in a brown bottle available at most good hardware stores. This is the same company that makes Titebond.
  4. The Franklin liquid hide glue is not the same thing as the hot hide glue your luthier uses. The Franklin product contains chemicals that have been added to keep it liquid in the bottle at any temperature. In use, it lacks the holding power of hot hide glue and has a tendency to turn back to a liquid in high humidity. Not a property you want to hold your bass together.
  5. wjgbass


    Mar 20, 2002

    Good to know the difference.
  6. rablack


    Mar 9, 2000
    Houston, Texas
    read the hot glue tutorial at www.frets.com

    You can buy hide glue at Luthier's Mercantile and Stewart McDonald and any number of other luthiery supply sites.
  7. I've never used hide glue myself, but I noticed that Lemur sells the stuff. 1/2 lb for $6.

  8. Blux


    Feb 5, 2002
    Philadelphia, Pa.
    Art supply stores sell rabbit skin glue. Not sure if it is equal to luthier's quality. Just a thought.
  9. arnoldschnitzer

    arnoldschnitzer AES Fine Instruments

    Feb 16, 2002
    New Mexico. USA
    Take an old shoe and rip off the leather sole. Grind into small pieces and boil for a couple days. Let this harden and then grind into small pieces. Re-saturate and heat to about 150 degrees. Strain through a cofee filter. Repeat the entire process about 5-6 times. I think you also have to add ash or alumina or something also to remove chemical impurities. Saves you six bucks, though...
  10. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
    I'd add a little onions and garlic to that, Arnold.
  11. pkr2


    Apr 28, 2000
    coastal N.C.
    Knox gelatin works just fine as hide glue if you just need a little for repair work.


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