Where can i find...

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  1. about a handful of one foot cables for cheap?
    i need maybe five of them, and i can't seem to find any for a decent price...musciansfriend has a 6 inch cable for 4 dollars...add shipping into that and you are paying a dollar an inch! is there anywhere i can get like 5 short cables for 5-7 dollars?
    or does anyone know about a cable sale or anything?

    Thanks guys and gals
  2. Dan Molina

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    Jul 17, 2002
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  3. American Musical, part #HOS CPP845

    Hosa Patchbay Cable Kits, 8 cables 1.5 ft long, for $15.95
  4. Those Hosa's are probably exactly what you're looking for. They're each in different colors with straight plugs.
  5. wow! those are perfect! thanks guys!