Where did Tenacious D. go?

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  1. They haven't been exposed for awhile now, since the song "Tribute" in fact. Does anyone know what's going on? Are they just a minimal exposure band? Did they die out? I hope not, they made some really good music IMO. I haven't heard alot of it, so maybe most of it sucks, but I'm just wondering on what other people thought of them and if anyone knows what happened.:confused:
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    We have a current thread about Tenacious D in the "Recordings" folder.
  3. Wayall, exuse me.:)
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    May 3, 2002
    Minimal exposure band. They've been around for years and they've only had one real (non-bootleg) release, and it only came out last year. It takes Tool four times as long to put out an album.