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  1. I've hit a bit of a roadblock with my rig, so I figure I'd ask for some opinions.

    Currently I have two 410xlts, and eden wtx500 and a carvin bx1200.

    I like the sound of the eden, a bit more than the carvin, but I've kept the carvin to use for power and a bit of eqing . I'm just running the the eden into the poweramp section of the carvin and then to the cabs.

    The xlt's sound great, clear, articulate, but to my ears a bit lacking on the low end. I guess I'd say the only complaint I'm having is to me my rig sounds a bit thin on the low end.

    I know the xlts will cut through like no one's business, but I just feel like I'm missing something. When I boost lows or low mids to fill in what I think I'm missing, it seems like the cabs start having a hard time.

    Tone wise, I'd have to say Dirk from Incubus and Ryan from Mudvayne have the tone I've always been hearing in my head, if that gives you any idea where I'm shooting for.
    Old school bottom, but clear and articulate.

    So my question is, Should I be looking for different cabs or a different amp?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. I'm currently using a Carvin BX1200 through a Low Down Sound 15/6.5 cab, and I love it. The 15" can deliver the lows quite well, but there's still plenty of clarity thanks largely to the awesome 6.5" midrange driver. The 15/6.5 is only available in 8 ohms, but it can handle lots of power. I don't think I'll ever need more power than I currently have available. In fact, I don't think I've even reached 3 (10 o'clock) on the Master Volume yet! :)
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    what kind of bass do you play? I played a gig that had a WT800 and a single 410XLT for a backline, and there was low end booty shake for days. I can't imagine that two 410XLTs lack anything in the low end, or that the difference between your wtx500 and the wt800 is very dramatic (although I'm not familiar with Eden's product line, so maybe there is a huge difference).

    Oh and if you're running the preamp out of the Eden into the poweramp input on the Carvin, I'm pretty sure you're bypassing any EQ on the Carvin. If you're going into the main input, or the carvin puts the EQ after the effects loop return, nevermind.

    So yeah, two 410XLTs shouldn't lack anything down low.
  4. Yeah, Don makes incredible cabs. I was actually thinking about contacting him about possibly having a cab made. I use to go to store when it was still open, and I always loved the sound of his 2x12s.

    I'd like to be able to get away with only using one cab, but it seems all the bands I've been in, it's always been a volume war, and I've needed two cabs or one huge cab (svt610hlf or gs412) to make myself heard. I've used different 10's and 12's for the past few years( gs212, svt410hlf, 2 avatar neo2x12) it just seems like every cab or combination I've had something was missing. With 12's i missed a bit of the 10 sound and just 10s it didn't seem as full. Honestly I think the happiest I ever was with my tone was when I had the gs412 and svt4pro, but I don't want to haul all of that around anymore.

    The second part of my problem is I'm not currently playing with a band, so having an huge stage rig sitting in my spare room is kind of silly. I also don't want to have to go back out and get a gig worthy rig when I do find a new band. So if I could find a single cab or two smaller cabs that can do the trick I'd be happy.
  5. jimb, My main bass is a warwick thumb.

    When you run into the power amp on the carvin you can still use the graphic eq.

    I mainly run my eq fairly flat, knowing full well that boosting too much drops your head room, and cutting too much will get me lost in the mix.
    It just seems to me by the time I boost the lows to where I sound full enough to me, the speakers start getting gas bubble. Not quite farting, but letting me know it's coming.
  6. I had two gigs last weekend, and my Master Volume was usually right around 2 (9 o'clock). At the first gig last weekend, my Singer commented about how "loud" I was, but he was happy because he could hear me really well. At the second gig, the soundguy asked me to turn down a little because it was "booming" in that room. :D I was just trying to set my amp simply so I could hear myself well.
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    maybe look for a two 210 route. It's been my experience/hearsay with a couple of makers that the 210's have a bit more low end, because there's more cab volume per speaker (volume as in LxWxH, not loudness) with 210s than 410s. I've experienced this first hand with Bergantino's lightweight cabs. I liked the overall tone of the 210 better than the 410, because even though there's not as much volume (loudness) and air being moved, the basic tone has a bit more low end. I've also read on this forum that Genz Benz's Uber210 has a similar characteristic when compared to the Uber410. Fretlessboy here on TB has a post somewhere about using the 210 essentially as a subwoofer when he paired it with the Uber212!
  8. That's good to hear bassplayer, one quick question on your lds cab. How responsive do you find the 15? That's the only thing I've never liked about 15's was that I always thought they were a little "slow"

    Jimb, I've been thinking quite a bit about a two 2x10 combo, or even a 2x10 & 1x12 setup.

    When I got these cabs I was beyond excited, I remembered playing them when I first started out playing years ago, and when I found the deal for the two( scored the both off craigslist for $650) I was ecstatic. Sadly I left my band a week after getting them, so I haven't even been able to use them in a whole band scenario, just at home jamming. Maybe my taste in tone has changed to the point where they're not what I'm looking for anymore.
  9. i have two 410xlts and i got low end for days!! i just do a little low mid-bump on the EQ and i got reggae bass that kills!!
    those cabs are great, i think the mid bump does make it seem like they are as "deep", but they handle the thick bass very well when i EQ it in.
    i always have wondered about 15's though... and ive been thinking about swaping a 410 for a 15 or something.
  10. Before I bought my LDS, I used an Avatar 410. Personally, I don't find the Eminence Kappa Lite 3015LF in my LDS cab to be "slow" at all. You can read more about that speaker also in the fEarful threads. Or you could just talk to Don about it. ;)
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    First off, all speakers respond at the same speed. The only reason a 15" sounds like it doesn't is because it beams the highs and upper mids, making you think it's responding slow.

    Second, when you refer to the 15/6 design, forget any preconceived ideas of speakers that you had from before. The 15" is specifically designed to reproduce lows and mids up to a certain point, then the mid driver takes over, thus eliminating (oops: not eliminating but cutting way down on it) beaming, thus eliminating any illusions of "slowness."
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try to give Don a call tomorrow. I'm jamming with some old band mates on saturday, so I'll see how the xlts preform in a full band setting. I may just decide I like them.
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    410XLT's, I used to use two of them and I will say this: they sound better with Eden heads over any other head out there. With the Eden Heads, they honestly have more bottom end, any other head gives the illusion there is not much low end to mess with. IMHO.

    I just got away from those and moved up to a Mesa Power House 410 (new ones). A much better sounding cab in all frequencies.

    I think you need to call LDS and get a cab with multiple speakers with a properly set up crossover system. You could get the best of all worlds and finally get what you want tone wise. A 15 doing the lows, the 12's on the mids, the 10's on the upper mids and a compression horn for the highs. That just may be the ticket! Talk to Don and have him reccommend you something. Good luck
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    Two things:

    1. Definitely wait to hear those xlts in a band mix. That makes all the difference in the world IMO.

    2. Consider the Epifani UL410. That cab has a huge low-end.
  15. +1 on 410xlts with the eden amp. I think the 410xlt and wt800 mono-bridged is one of the best rigs ive ever heard. I think i like it more than both of my 410xlts with my 800!

    +1 also on checking em in the band sitch. The XLT's sound great alone, but they really shine when your playing with a band. Even when I just jam with my drummer we can never believe how clean, thick and loud those cabs get.