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Where do you buy from?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by ChrisMilne, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. I live in Scotland, near Edinburgh, and music retailers seem to be few and far between and seem to keep a low stock of instruments (Anybody else live near here? Where do you buy from?).
    I'm considering buying my next bass mail order, but then I'd have the problem of buying without playing first. I'd basically be buying on the basis of other people's reviews of the instrument, which I certainly don't want to but I may have to do.

    Do any of you know of retailers that export to the U.K (assuming they're based in the U.S)? (a web address for them would be useful too)
  2. thanks, i'll check them out.
  3. Gard


    Mar 31, 2000
    WInter Garden, FL
    Chris -

    I have placed your thread where it may recieve a bit more of the proper attention.

    In answer to your question...well, I'm just a wee bit biased, so I'll let my sig file speak for itself, hm? ;)

    (we do ship to the UK regularly, no problem)
  4. jalepina

    jalepina Guest

    Mar 6, 2002
    SW Colorado
    I was just getting ready to start a thread on this topic.. ChrisMilne beat me to the punch however!

    I live in the US.. but wonder where you all find the best deals.. on basses, amps, everything! I already know of Musician's Friend, great site. Please guide me, oh wise ones. :)
  5. Have you tried looking in sound control on st. Marys street. its just off the royal mile. Thats where I always buy my music gear from. They usualy have a pretty decent stock and are always willing to order things in on request.
  6. yeah, i frequently visit Sound Control, i bought a Hughes and Kettner amp form there. I've not really talked to them about ordering anything special for me though. Have you ordered anything through them? Were you under obligation to buy the product after they received it?
  7. ive never ordered anything specialy, but I've enquired about it and I believe they ask you to put down a 10% to 20% deposit. I suppose if it turns out to be a crap bass you'll still have lost less than you would by ordering it online.
  8. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

  9. Chris, here in the States, NYC to be specific, there are a lot of stores which you can just drop into and check out whatever you like. (no, I'm not rubbing it in) I still buy online sometimes because different retailers usually have considereably different stock to offer. When I buy in person, I usually buy at Sam Ash in Queens, New York, because they kind of know me, they don't break my chops (I never crank the amps) and they're a nice bunch of guys.

    If I buy online, I usually go to Musiciansfriend because if you're not particular about buying an exact model, you can get some good deals. They might not have the color you want, but, it is nice to open a factory sealed box and get something that no one else was fooling around with. I just bought a Yamaha Telecaster copy for $249.00 No, I haven't played it, but, how bad could it be? I bought a Jack Casady without ever having heard one, and was pleasantly surprised. So my whole point is: Buying online isn't really such a scary thing.
    True, you can get a lemon, but, I haven't so far. Just expect to wait a bit. If that doesn't bother you, I'd say go for it. Be certain about return policies before you do anything.

    Good luck,
    Mike J.
  10. cheers Mike.

    Yeah, i think i'll try getting an instrument exported form the U.S sometime soon, hopefully the shipping cost won't be too hefty!
  11. Chris - I've bought almost all of my bass gear through Sound Control in Glasgow. They have a reasonable stock of basses - ususally MIM Fanders, Music Man Stingrays, they've got a Rick, they've got Yamahas, Warwicks and some other stuff Ventura, Peavey Cirrus 4. They've got Ashdown, Ampeg and Trace Elliot amps too (I was in on Saturday).

    They're usually quite good - I've bought a lot of stuff lately form them. I've had to order a few things off them - the basses were both Spectors, so there were no problems!!!! If there had been I'm sure they'd have helped me out. They also ordered a Trace head and a cabinet, again I knew what I wanted!

    I really would recommend against mail order! I've bought once that way and had to return the guitar - there then ensued a fight for my money back as they (not Sound Control, can't remember who though) believed the instrument to be representative of a guitar in that price range, utter tosh by the way!!!!

    US retailers may take a bit more pride and care with instruments they shipped - but remember the shipping costs and import duty can soon eat into any saving you may make!

    What type of gear are you after anyway???
  12. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
  13. i'm looking for something like a MIA Fender, Music Man or possibly a Streamer/Corvette.

    My band's just about to start gigging (i think we've got a date somewhere in Glasgow in May) so i'm looking for a good quality, reliable instrument. I'd like to try as many instruments as i can before i buy, so i'm looking for shops that stock a lot of equipment.