where do you pick/pluck/slap?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Cat, Jul 14, 2001.

Where do you pluck/pick/slap?

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  1. High up, near the neck

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  2. Low down, by the bridge

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  3. Somewhere in between

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  4. Depends on what tone I want

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  5. I like carrots!

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  1. Cat

    Cat Guest

    Apr 5, 2000
    Penn State
    i usually pluck fairly high right at the bottom of the neck, however i noticed that my bass sounds a whole lot punchier down by the bridge. i can't play as well near the bridge constantly because it is farther away and my arm gets tired :(
  2. BassDude24

    BassDude24 Guest

    Sep 12, 2000
    I couldn't respond, because you asked where we pick/pluck/slap.

    I would need a "Other" choice, cause I don't pick, I use my fingers by the bridge pickup, and I slap up near the neck, so I can slap the fingerboard.

    So if that answers your question, but sorry I couldn't take part in the poll.
  3. sunnking

    sunnking Guest

    Jul 13, 2001
    well use where you puck like you would an effect pedal or different eq settings or changing basses, to geta different sound. i like and use all positions from by the bridge to over the fretboard. song to song , section to section or even note to note.
  4. i pluck on the neck because of geezer. he's a god
  5. noPass/noNick

    noPass/noNick Guest

    Apr 12, 2001
    i pluck down by the bridge

    very down ( 3 cms to the bridge)
    it gives a lot of control, less resonance and a more "stringy" sound.. don't know how to call it.. ( more definition of the notes?.. maybe)

    also helps with the timing
  6. I punch my pick between the 2 pickups.. gives a real PUnch in the sound, and that's the way i like it :)
  7. agyeman

    agyeman Member

    Mar 6, 2001
    It depends on the type of sound I want. I usally finger near the neck though. Picking is generally admistered between the pickups.
  8. bggeezer

    bggeezer Guest

    May 25, 2001
    it depends!

    i pluck over the neck pickups because i rest my thumb on them!

    i pick either near the neck for bottom, in the middle for mid or near the bridge for a very toppy sound

    i dont slap much any more.... too eighties!
  9. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    You get different sounds depending on where you "hit" the string, be it with a finger tip, thumb, or pick. I like to move around, even on the fretboard sometimes.
  10. KumoriNeko

    KumoriNeko Guest

    Mar 27, 2001
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    I play in between, I rest my thumb on the pickup. But if I have the crome pick-up cover on I pluck in between the bridge and pick-up.
  11. Ok, let's see...

    For general purpose plucking, between the pickups.
    For a brighter sound, by the bridge.
    For a deeper, more mellow sound, close to the neck, or sometimes above the fretboard.

    While sitting, generally between the pickups or closer to the neck pickup, just because it's the most convenient place to pick when sitting down for me. :D
    While standing, usually by the bridge, but sometimes between the pickups.

    Generally at the end of the fretboard, right above the last fret.
    Have experimented slapping above/between the pickups, and even at the bridge. At the end of the fretboard is still most comfortable for me, though. :)

    Other relavent info:
    Changing the EQ settings on the bass/amp always help, too. So if I'm feeling lazy, I may just cut some treble & boost the bass to get that deeper, mellower sound without moving my hand. :D:p

    So you see, I couldn't really vote in this poll. ;)
  12. It depends on what kind of sound I want. Over the neck for a more mellow sound, near the bridge for a sharper sound.
  13. berserk

    berserk Guest

    Aug 24, 2000
    Parma, Ohio
    With fingers I play like geezer up near the fingerboard and with pick its nearly at the bridge. Gives me two totally opposite resulting sounds. I started with fingers so i voted for near the fingerboard.
  14. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    For regular fingerstyle, I play anywhere from over the fretboard to the space between the bridge and the bridge pickup. Most of the time, though, I'm between the pickups. For plectrum playing, I also play in the space between the pickups.

    For slapping/popping, I'm usually in the space between the fingerboard and neck pickup. It's easiest there, provides the bootiest sound, and the pickguard prevents me from scratching up the top too badly.
  15. ColonelZulu

    ColonelZulu Not Impressed By Those Who Flaunt “Authority” Supporting Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    Thumb up by the fretboard.

    Fingerstyle moves from top to bottom depending on tone needed.

    Where the left hand goes, I have NO CLUE!
  16. chubby28081us

    chubby28081us Guest

    Apr 19, 2001
    kannapolis nc
    on electric i play more to the bottom on my ovation i pick more to the top like i do on my steiberger
  17. On my Pbass, I pick behind the pickup, where a Jazz bridge pickup would be. I play fingerstyle over the pickup.

    On the Jazz, I pick over the bridge pickup. I play fingerstyle in the middle.

    When Im picking chords I play in the middle where the P pickup is or between the jazz pickups are.
  18. Traveler

    Traveler Guest

    Jun 26, 2001
    Greenwood, AR.
    I slap up near the neck, right at the end of the last fret. I dont pick, and I change my positions, like the others, on fingerstyle according to type of music Im playing.
  19. terms bassist

    terms bassist Guest

    Mar 18, 2001
    Queensland Australia
    absoultly everything depends on the tone I want, I pick everywhere on the bass if it get's me the right sound. I've gone up to the 3rd fret in on of my songs just because I couldn't replicate that sound with and effect's pedal, it just suited the song so well. but 80% of the time I play near the bridge because it's more comfortable for me
  20. Maidenrulz

    Maidenrulz Guest

    Jul 7, 2001
    Bound Brook, NJ
    I am wth BassDude24. When I use my fingers I usually play near the pickups. When I use a pick (this might be weird I just started ding this)I play all over from the bttom on the nek to the last pickup and slap which i hae to admit i am pretty bad at I found it to be easy to play near the bottom of the neck