Where do you set 4003 bridge pickup height?

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  1. I've always been one to crank the bridge pickup to max height. Then I wonder why the neck pickup seems weak, lol. I decided to lower the bridge pickup to get it even, volume wise, with the neck pickup. For some odd reason, this seems to have added some clarity. Not sure why.

    Won't know how it really sounds until checking it out with the band next week.

    Does anybody else try to balance your 4003 pickups? If so, what do you find works for getting maximum nastiness out of a Ric? I'm really looking for a punchy growl that I was not currently getting.
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    I set it the same height as the neck pickup then finish by ear on my 4001 without cap, my bass sounds best with a little more volume coming from the bridge pickup especially live so I end up bringing the bridge higher than the neck and I do it by ear by dropping the volume just a little bit on the neck pickup. I want just a little volume increase as I drop the bass pickup volume which indicates to me it's in the sweet spot for me. I usually play with the bass knob backed off a little bit too for more clarity and presence because it sounds scooped with both pickups on full if they are both putting out approximately the same amount of sound, to get the growl back off the neck a little bit and the mids get a lot more present in the mix, also play harder for more growl.
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