where does the best music come from now ?

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  1. i live in texas. i think the best music in the country right now is red dirt music. red dirt music is the country,folk,rock music that comes out of texas and oklahoma....examples : roger creager, stoney larue, kevin fowler, bart crow, wade bowen, randy rogers, casey donahew, reckless kelly, and charlie montague. just to name a few.... what do you all think ?
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    Big fan here. Wish there was a market to play Texas country in Poland, though I've snuck some into pop setlists and it's gone over well - Miranda Lambert, Guy Clark, and especially Tommy Alverson. Spanish-speaking Europeans LOVE "Una mas cerveza".

    Also, Selena Gomez is from Texas, LOL.
  3. 1976. ;) :D
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    My favorite bands come from Georgia. Theocracy and Becoming the Archetype.
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    Great answer! I would argue a few years earlier. But still a great answer!
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    I'd say east coast pop punk It's one of the few untouched and pure music scenes still left! Bands Like the Wonder Years, Man Overboard, the Story So Far, and Firework are all playing small church basements and touring the country selling cds out of their vans. It just reminds me of what rock and roll should be.
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    The heart.
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    Good call. I was going to reference original bands in my area (the DMV) that are really good.

    Swell Daze- Self-described "alternative-rock-surf" band (on their Twitter) based out of JMU. Really fun, catchy, music; good lyrics. My friend went to prom with the guitarist/singer, so that's how I got introduced.

    Burn The Ballroom- Pop/punk band based out of Reston/Fairfax. Great music. Used to live next to the singer/guitarist, and our parents are still friends.

    Like a Real Boy- Solo project of the singer/guitarists from Burn the Ballroom. He's a multi-instrumentalist, and sings and plays all the parts on the tracks. It's more stripped down alternative/acoustic music, really good.

    There's other countless bands around the DMV that play local shows near me that are incredible...a kind of rock/country trio (I forget their name) played at a local movie theatre turned music hall, and they were great. One of their songs was about WD-40...and it rocked.

    So, I'd say Northern VA/the DMV has the best (local) musical offerings.
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    I'd be inclined to agree with you, because these are some of my favorites, but then again, the Braun brothers from Reckless Kelly and Micky & The Motorcars are actually from Idaho. In fact, only one member of RK is actually from TX. And you also have guys like the Mallett Brothers Band that would quite easily fit into this grouping, but they're from/based in Maine.

    Good music doesn't have a "locale." It comes from talented individuals and groups of people, regardless of where they're from. There's great stuff coming out of all corners of the US and all over the world. Two of my favorite songwriters at the moment are from Texas and Jamaica.
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    Isn't red dirt all that mid tempo southern rock ripoff stuff getting constant airplay on the milquetoast, middle of the road pabulum pop stations that were once country stations?

    The songs were we learn that everything the singer hears, sees, feels, and owns is somehow linked to the joy of rural living, of being one with the land. IE is "country"?

    On a road trip a while back I was surfing the FM band and ran across an interview with a guy the interviewer said was a pioneer in red dirt.

    After listening to this guy for about a half hour he ended the interview with "Well, I'm a country boy and that is just how we roll."

    This was really confusing to me because I am a country boy and I've never rolled in any manner close to what he was describing. :D
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    where does the best music come from now ?

    The mind.
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    from the way back.....come along sherman
  13. My stereo.
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    I agree with Mr. Peabody.