where is this humming coming from??

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    Jun 15, 2001
    I just put in new pickups and rewired my bass and now whenever I put my thumb on my pup (especially the magnet) it starts humming like crazy. I dont know what is going on! I had my dad rewire my bass from a vol-vol-tone configuration to a vol-tone config and he grounded everything, but I dont know why this is happening. Do any of you know why touching a pup might cause hum?
  2. 2 questions:

    1: what kind of pickups are in this bass? is it a fender, or did you replace the pickups? If they are say: in my personal experince, EMG pickups, they sort of ground themselves, and when grounded to the bridge (a string ground) they hum like mad.

    2: If not did you make sure that the pups are grounded to the bridge and that the ground from the from the controls to the bridge does not touch the jack, or else it sort of cancels the ground earlier, and you get hum, which may be why you get that noise, because it is grounded someplace and your body is doing some circut conducting (anyone know more about elec can tell you more about that.. I have just re done alot of pickups on a lot of my friends instuments)
    3: Are you sure you don't have a metal plate in your head or are in some way attached to a radio? :D jk

    Oh.. actually,.. that is possible, if you are really close to other elctronic interferance, and you then complete a circute between it and your pups.. checkyour grounding wires again :) :) :)

    Thats my advice.. I like fiddling with my basses pups alot, so that is my experience as well.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    Seymour Duncan quarter pound for P bass

    it is grounded to the bridge & my dad put a screw into the control cavity so it was grounded in two ways. I took out the wire that grounded it to the control cavity because I thought that was a bad idea.

    Im gonna end up taking my bass to Ron Ruggiero in Philly to have him fix it up. He is supposed to be one of the best luthiers out there, he used to be Eric Claptons guitar tech from what I understand. I also need a setup too, so that will be the best for my poor lemon of a bass.
  4. have you tried opening the control cavity up and ungrounding the pups from the bridge? it sounds to me like the sam eproblem I had with my EMG's.. but hey, if you've got this guy in philly that can do all that good stuff, I say go for it :)