Where to buy a new headstock waterslide decal?

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  1. Hey yall, I just bought a MIM P-Bass but I need a new headstock logo and even after using the good ol' Google, I can only find one P-Bass waterslide decal and it's on ebay....I remember being able to find these so easily a few years back, but now they seem like they're extremely hard to come by. Any pointers?
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    I found 2 places but both are eBay shops.
  3. This might sound obvious but here goes: Fender or FMIC. If I remember correctly, you need to send them proof that what you have is an authentic Fender product. Part of the process involves having the bass authenticated by an authorized Fender dealer, among other things.
  4. Could you please link me to the ones you found?
  5. TBer lavmonga has a standing ad in the 'accessories' section of the class-ads here...he can make custom waterslide decals. This is the current thread.
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    I'm a Fan of Rothko and Frost. They are in the UK, but the quality of their product is second to none. I gladly pay the extra postage to get a quality decal.