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Where to buy Rickenbacker 4003?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by see you auntie, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any leads one where I can buy a Rickenbacker 4003 (left handed and preferably new) online that ships internationally. I know a hard ask.

    I searched google and it seems everything leads me back to musicansfriend and they won't ship outside North America. Every other site I've found doesn't list left handed Ric's.

    No luck on the ricpage.com

    I've also tries the 'bay with little success.

    Thanks for any help
  2. Skel


    Jun 19, 2005
    Boulder, Colorado
    I'm going to be shipping something out tomorrow via DHL. I'll see if they ship to Australia. If so, I'll give them the rough dimensions and weight to determine a cost estimate. If you want, we could work something out where I buy the bass, have it shipped to me, then ship it to you. You do realize that shipping to Australia is very expensive.

  3. avid

    avid born lefty

    Jun 22, 2005
    Ashland, Oregon USA
    Check out Bass Central they sell Ricks and mention International shipping on their web page. Bass Central is a lefty friendly shop. Send them an email and let us know what happens.

  4. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    Nice of you to make that offer.
    Standard UPS/Fedex 5 day air is $US250 - 275. The 1 and 3 days aren't any faster because of Customs at this end. No experience with DHL, but I'd expect about the same.
    There'll be a Customs entry fee of about $A50 (pretty universal across carriers) and GST of 10 % on the total of the bass + the shipping. If you can prove the bass was US made (need docs) then you avoid a 5% duty under the free trade agreements.

    Have all the docs ready at the Oz end to fax/email off proofs of prices and shipping costs when the shipper asks. If you pay these by CC most will even deliver to your door. Include an obvious mobile or other contact number and email, on ALL the shipping docs as it makes it faster than sending letters.
  5. Skel


    Jun 19, 2005
    Boulder, Colorado

    I did this for a guy in England one time on a Rickenbacker. I used the US Post Office and he knew exactly what forms I needed, etc. so it went smoothly. A few months later I sold a Gibson SG to a person in England, used the US Post Office again, and somehow they screwed me up, which is what I expect from them. It took about 2 months for the guitar to get to the guy. That's why I say I would do it if DHL ships - that's who I use now because they are SOOO inexpensive and good. And they told me they are much bigger in the rest of the world verses the US.
  6. bazzanderson


    Oct 7, 2002
    Austin, TX
    This be true. My brother works for DHL in New Orleans, LA. A stand up company that's going to get ALLOT of US business soon. They are definitely all over Europe.
    Check www.wwbw.com. They may do international and their sell price is like 1092. USD but they don't expect new 4003s until June-06.
  7. this may be a dead-end, but there's a guitar shop for lefty's in houston, tx. i don't know if they ship to australia - i've never done any biz with them (i'm a righty) so maybe another houstonian can comment on their reputation. while their website says that they won't have any ric basses till '07, i was there a week ago and saw 3-4 lefty rics (4003's i think). i think parker music in houston (they say they have the city's biggest bass inventory and their prices are generally good) had a lefty ric (i think it was one of the mccartney/squire type ric's (maple w/ dot neck and no binding?-not sure). good luck - hope this helps.


  8. rluk


    Nov 4, 2004
    Tallinn, Estonia
    I remember reading somewhere, that there were some franchise
    issues with shipping new Ricks outside US. So even if the
    shop usually ships internationally, they cant still ship Rickenbackers. Can anybody comment on that, since I m interested in ordering one someday too :D
  9. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

    I emailed Bass Central and they got back to me today. The've only got the one Ric in stock and it's a righty.

    I also just emailed Southpawguitars. I checked out their site previously and saw the not in stock 'til 2007 thing also. fingers crossed they do have a few instore.

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