Where to find first-gen Gallien-Krueger MBE series extension cabs?

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  1. I have a G-K MB210 combo, a couple of years old, that I'm pretty happy with. It has the metallic grille - but I noticed that last year G-K changed the look of its entire MB line to a black cloth front.

    I want to pick up either a 210MBE or 115MBE extension cab, but most online retailers seem to be all out of the edition that matches my amp, instead offering the version "II" look for these cabs. I don't mean to be petty, but I'd kind of like my combo and extension to be a visual match.

    Does anybody know if there are retailers who still have the old version of the 210MBE or 115MBE in stock?
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    Check guitar center's site. I live in western south dakota and about the only things around here is peavey.

    I've bought a couple of used gk cabinets (410sbx+) over the past year from them along with some used effects pedals.

    Search "gallien" or "gk" and click on "used"

    You can call the store that has it and ask questions about it. Cost me about $45 to ship each cabinet.
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    Saw a couple the other day. Pretty sure it was on Musician's Friend. Google is a wonderful thing! I was thinking about getting an MBE, but decided a 1 cab solution (like MB212) is more what I need. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  5. Thanks. Guitar Center just has the 4 ohm version - apparently I need the 8 ohm version of either the 115MBE or 210MBE for an extension to the MB210.

    I don't see any on Musician's Friend, and I've been Googling quite a bit. But I'll keep looking, I guess.
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    I've been casually looking for another first generation MBE cab myself, for over a year. The only ones I ever find are with the combos. It has frustrated me so much, that I've considered buying a new one, and replacing both grills with matching, square-holed, steel, perforated grills from one of the diy speaker sites. That aluminum is kinda flimsy anyway.