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Where to find THIS pickguard? (P Bass Tortoise)

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Nightvision, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hello folks,
    i need your help to find this pickguard:


    I want exactly the same but i don't find any now. What I found is the pickguard on the new Am STD Fender Basses and it's really different, more red and bright.
    Is there a shop who sells exactly the same???

  2. hotbass57


    Nov 27, 2011
    GC and Sam Ash carry Fender replacement. Or shop around the classifies here.
  3. Bobster


    Mar 27, 2006
    Austin, TX
    There are two types of tort, red and brown.

    In that light and angle it's hard to tell, but it may very well be a brown tort.

    Several pickguard sources handle brown tort, Jeannies and Pickguardian for example.

    It shouldn't be too hard to track one down.

    Best of luck,

  4. goldenglory18


    Nov 30, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Amateur. Take my advice for its resale value.
    Looks like red tort to me. Brown tort has yellow in it, no? And if the OP didn't like the Fender AM STD tort, that one was brown.

    What is so special about "exactly the same" guard? What's different about it vs the AM STD?
  5. Here is the standard tortoise pickguard we find on the Am STD P Bass:


    It's not exactly the same thing.

    By the way, i order a 62 reissue fender pickguard, i'll see if it will fit my needs.

  6. I think Goldenglory is right, that looks like red tort to me. As to the question of why exactly... Because they look different and the OP likes the red. :eyebrow:

  7. gunlak


    Nov 24, 2009
    looks like MIJ Fender torts
  8. soulsistersashx.

    the one on the left looks kind of similar. It's a '62 RI from 2011 or so. The one on the right is a '78.