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Where to get J-bass control plate without holes

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by CzarMike, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know where I could buy a Fender Jazz control plate without the pot-holes drilled? I would like to get a solid one to mess around with.
    Thanks a million,
  2. Probably not a chance in the world that one of these could be found from a manufacturer. The holes and the outside shape are punched at one time. Since it's a Jazz plate for sale to Jazz owners, there wouldn't be much reason to do it otherwise. Besides, creating a second manufacturing step to punch holes wouldn't be cost effective.

    My advice is to go to your local sign company and ask to rummage in their recycle bin for some .090 or .100 aluminum sheet scrap and cut your own. You can use a jig saw for the initial shaping and then file or sand to precise shape. Then you can polish the mill finish plate to a high chrome gloss (you were going to drill holes anyway) and you'll have a cool piece. I'm having to do this with a project I'm working on now. Only in my case the control plate will be combined with the pickguard shape to make a one piece.

    If you want a different look, try "engine turning" the surface of the metal. That's the swirly, almost "fish scale" like pattern you see on street rods and high end firearms. Easily done with a drill press and some patience.
  3. Does it have to be aluminium? What about acrylic or a form of plastic at that thickness?

    With acrylics if you get two thin pieces you can put dyes between and make cool effects. Used to do it at school. ;)


  4. Acrylics will do fine for this but they won't be able to replicate the chrome of the original Fender piece.

    I've seen the results of your dye school projects - not yours per se, but similiar things. The only problem with this is that most often, the only thickness available is 1/8" and to accomplish your idea would make a plate that's ΒΌ" thick! Fine for a 68" scale bass with a proportionate body size but a little chunky for the Czar. Somehow locate some 1/16" stuff and you're in business!
  5. Being Australian and therefore on the metric system i have no idea about those measurements. lol

    I have some of that clear acrylic lying around in my room, fairly thin. It would interesting tho. A friend of mine thought about using that checker plate metal sheeting we had in the metal workshop. but we sorta came to the conclusion that it would cause too much interference with the pickups.. not to mention it was 10 mm thick! :eek:


  6. And now a word for the dimensionally impaired...

    1/8" = 3mm +/-

    1/4" = 6mm +/-

    Thank you for your attention. :D
  7. Hey Leg-of-Ham... thanks for the words of wisdom.. it is now under my name :p


  8. Just a little off topic here...

    Is that really you or are you the stand-in for Derek Smalls??

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