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where to get wood?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by ejsagun, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. ejsagun


    Jan 20, 2003
    hey guys im planning to build a bass. i need to ask some questions.

    where do you get your wood?

    also, i noticed warmoth sells neck blanks. is the wood from warmoth any good?

    what about stewmac?

  2. Taylor Livingston

    Taylor Livingston Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    Oregon, US
    Owner, Iron Ether Electronics

    My only complaint is that they're a little lacking in the cheap stuff (no Indian rosewood, for instance). But they have excellent prices, so you can get nicer stuff for close to what you'd pay for the crap stuff. I HIGHLY suggest Gallery over StewMac or Warmoth, if only because of the enormous difference in selection. And Larry is a really nice, helpful guy.
  3. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    The rhythm guitarist in my country band works for a local wood supply house... I wanted some Ash for a body and quoted him Carvin's price for a 13 X 20 X 1 3/4 2 piece body blank at $80... He scored me a 14" X 8' X 2" piece for just under $30... enough for four bodies... Doesn't help you much, but I'm pretty happy about it!

  4. What about the moisture content, I don't really have much access to places that I can garauntee will have well seasoned wood. Is there a little doohicky thing that will test for it?

    Josh D
  5. JP Basses

    JP Basses

    Mar 22, 2002
    Paris FRANCE
    I'll second the gallery hardwwods choice!!! Best place to shop IMO. Take a look at my site and you'll see all the beautifull stuff I get there :D

    Peace, JP
  6. Taylor Livingston

    Taylor Livingston Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    Oregon, US
    Owner, Iron Ether Electronics
    I'm pretty sure Gallery's stuff is dried adequately before being sent out. You might want to let it sit and acclimate for a while, if you live in a climate that's pretty different from Gallery's.

    By the way, I was debating whether this would be ok, and I've decided nobody will mind, since you're looking for wood. I'm selling some in the classifieds. Here's the link.

  7. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
  8. godoze


    Oct 21, 2002
    Call Ken Smith, he sells lumber. I've bought some from him.
  9. I'd like to able to get wood from Gallery but it'd cost too much for my liking. I don't have money to spend on import costs and stuff like that, I can't really afford to do that at the moment. Hopefully in the future sometime, I'm planning to see if I can work in America once I finish my Uni course.

    I take I'm not able to get some little gadget that will tell me how well seasoned a piece of timber is? I'll just have to buy carefully and make sure I give it some time before I work it.

    Josh D
  10. godoze


    Oct 21, 2002
    you can buy a hygrometer that tells you the moisture content of the lumber.

    I think that is what it is called anyway.:)
  11. FBB Custom

    FBB Custom TalkBass Pro Commercial User

    Jan 26, 2002
    Owner: FBB Bass Works
    Generally hygrometers are for relative humidity, I think.

    There are moisture meters for reading wood. Some of them have a hard time with harder woods.

    Try and find a hardwoods dealer that you can drive to. Many dealers are more than happy to talk wood for a long time, and if yours does, you'll get a feel for whether or not you can trust their wood enough to cut into it without seasoning it for a long time.
  12. ejsagun


    Jan 20, 2003
    i wanna get some relatively cheap wood first
    so i can make something to hone my skills on.
    where can i get this kind of wood?

    gallery has some nice merchandise. can they cut wood to my specifications?

    does maple have an inconsistent stiffness?

  13. gallery can cut the wood to your desired thickness, and they do so for no extra charge as far as i know

    my suggestion: if you want some cheap wood to start out with and hone your skills, go to home depot and lowes- look for some red cedar, maple, or poplar to use as a body wood...then go on to e-bay and look for bookmatched tops (if you want a top), you can generally find some pretty nice looking stuff for no more than $30...this will get you going on making a body.
  14. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    FWIW- My faves are www.gilmerwood.com and http://hometown.aol.com/bereahard/index.html .

    Gilmer has a section set up for solid body musical instrument woods. However, I bought some of their exhibition grade wood that wasn't in that section and it helped create a very nice bass - http://www.gilmerwood.com/Gilmerwood instrument_wood.htm

    Jim Heusinger, the prez at Berea Hardwoods, has played bass and knows a bit about the kind of woods that make for a good bass.

    Buying from a luthier instead of a raw wood supplier only builds in the extra cost of a middleman, IME.
  15. frederic b. hodshon

    frederic b. hodshon

    May 10, 2000
    Redmond, WA
    Microsoft Product Designer
    i got my KOA in Hawaii.

    worth the trip!



  16. Prahainspring


    Oct 22, 2002
    New Jersey
    (See kids, you can find answers to your questions useing the Search feature!)

    Can anyone confirm this? Would I just send him my drawings and they'll do the rest?
  17. FBB Custom

    FBB Custom TalkBass Pro Commercial User

    Jan 26, 2002
    Owner: FBB Bass Works
    I think what was meant was that Larry will send you lumber surfaced and dimensioned to your specs, but not cut to shape. Larry can confirm any details, you should drop him an email.
  18. Prahainspring


    Oct 22, 2002
    New Jersey
    Thanks, I think that's what I'll do.
  19. Skips


    Feb 19, 2003
    I've bought from www.Rockler.com and found their woods to be very pretty. :)
  20. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    I got my body and fingerboard woods from Larry. I think next time i will also order the neck blank from him [thinking a laminate-BassKahuna turned me onto that idea]. He's really nice and is wiling to work with you. Besides that-the wood is really pretty.