where to put a boost in your chain.

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  1. i'm thinking about getting a cae boost/line driver. i'm thinking about having the boost first in my chain to boost my dry signal, not for leads. from what i've read, putting a boost first gooses your sound, whatever that means. putting a boost after effect increases the volume of your effect. if you haage a chorus at the end of your chain do you want the boost before it?

    i looking to get the cae boost because it's the cleanest boost i've heard, i don't wanna color my sound. the treble knob on the new micro amp plus could be fun. idk if their are boost pedals that are intended for bass guitars. so, reconmend me a boost. i want clean, (optional) treble and/or mid knob, and works with bass guitars.

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    "Gooses" just means "boosts", i.e. it turns up the volume. Put a boost anywhere you want to turn up the volume. Be aware of how much that volume boost distorts the pedals or amp that follow it, and whether that distortion sounds good.
  3. Placement depends on what you need the boost for. What sent me on a search for a boost was to push one of my fuzz pedals a bit harder for more sustain, as it had a strong gate. But you could also use one to make up for lost volume (real or perceived) from effects like tremolo.

    The ones I looked at (though never got around to trying) were: Lizard Leg Blue Tail, Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso, TC Electronic Spark Mini, and the Pedal Projects Owly. I ended up trying a Recovery Electric which is based on the Emerson Em Drive, which sounds great, but I'm not using it at the moment. I've heard good things about the CAE and also the xotic ep booster. LOTS to choose from.
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    I think the EHX LPB1 is a good boost. I used to put it after my Behringer trem to put back what was lost when it was engaged.
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    What exactly do you want to achieve from adding a boost pedal. If it's simply to make your overall signal louder, then put it at the end.

    Certain effects are sensitive to dynamic (input volume) such as filter, compressors and drives and will behave differently with a boost in front of them i.e. a drive pedal can be pushed harder and into more distortion with a boost in front of it.

    However, you state that your want to boost your dry signal. Do you want more of you unaffected, dry tone coming through along side the effected signal, rather than making your overall effected tone louder? If so, you might want to look into a wet/dry blender pedal with possible a boost in the dry half of the signal path.
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    +1 on the LPB-1.

    You have to ask yourself if you want a clean boost or a non clean boost first. A truly clean boost (Lizard Leg, SFX Micro Boost, etc.) will not colour your sound. A lot of "boost" pedals are a cleanish overdrive with a boost function.

    An eq can also serve as a clean boost. The LPB-1 is dirt cheap and it is a relatively clean boost. A lot of people say that "clean" boosts colour their sound but it's usually because they don't understand what their boost is doing, which leads to the placement question.

    So, I would suggest, put the boost before what you want to boost, and after what you do not want to boost. I know that sounds like a simple stupid answer, but it is not.

    If you have a very clean amp and you just want a mild volume boost, your boost should be at the end of the chain. If you have a tube preamp and you want more breakup, the pedal should also be at the end of the chain. However, understand that lots of pedals will react from a boost, even a clean boost. Any signal boost will add "breakup" or "distortion" to a lot of pedals out there.

    Anyway, also, every answer before mine is great!
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    Boots are nice to help pedals with rather weak output levels to feed the next pedal at a normal or even higher level. Nothing more IMO. Maybe a solo boost if one needs that.
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    I always put my boost (Blackeye Effects Palmetto) dead last in the chain. I find that it adds just a hair of upper treble and a bit of low end (possibly just due to the volume increase), so I use it for a plain volume boost, to add a bit of sparkle when using modulation effects (chorus, etc.), and to add bass/fatness to OD/distortion/fuzz pedals. If I put before other pedals, particularly dirt, it reacts very differently.
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  9. I suggest just taking a bit of time and trying it in every possible position in your chain until you achieve your tonal goal.
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    I use an MXR Micro Amp clone at the end of my chain. It works well to make up for the huge volume drop of the DOD FX25b. I have them both in the same loop, but it's also great as an ordinary boost. It adds a bit of high end and very slight gain, but not near as much as the past boost I had.
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    My clean boost is now an Earthquaker Tone Job EQ. Love it. It's a boost, with the extra option of having some EQ on tap.
  12. And my dirty boost is an Earthquaker Speaker Cranker :bassist:
  13. My bands guitar player had taken mine over.
  14. thanks for the replys. i'm kinda thinking about getting a eq, preamp, or buffer just to strengthen my signal.
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    +1 My thoughts exactly.
    After testing 10+ boosts, I settled on:
    Barber Linden (more a EQ than a boost but it is great at regulating signals up or down for that matter).
    Xotic RC Booster (boost +EQ)
    Homebrew Electronic Bajo Mos (just a boost, my fav).