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Whereabouts of SGD

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Uncajohnny, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Uncajohnny


    Dec 24, 2011
    Hi There,
    Anybody know what happened to David Schwab of SGD Lutherie? Haven't heard ANYTHING from him lately. Whas-sup?

  2. He posted as recently as earlier today.
  3. I talked to him on Facebook this afternoon. Maybe he wants a break from TB or is busy or something. I wouldn't freak out.
  4. Smilodon

    Smilodon Supporting Member

    Feb 18, 2012
    I saw some posts from him yesterday so he is still around. :)
  5. Toptube


    Feb 9, 2009
    He's making my pickups >_>
  6. mmbongo

    mmbongo Dilly Dilly! Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Yeah I'd say he's busy making pickups. He still posts here most every day, too.
  7. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    Yes, very busy getting caught up on back orders. I pop on here when I'm having lunch or sometimes when checking email, but just been up to my armpits in work. So I try and stay off. It's 11:30 PM and I just finished work for the day.

    So if anyone is waiting for pickups, I'm working on them.
  8. ctmullins

    ctmullins fueled by beer and coconut Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 18, 2008
    MS Gulf Coast
    I'm highly opinionated and extremely self-assured
    Hang in there, David! We don't need any more boutique pickup makers dropping off the face of the earth.... :)
  9. Envincibal

    Envincibal Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2008
    Philly, PA
    Has anyone received their pickups yet? I have been told several time that they are 'shipping in a week', the most recent being they were supposed to ship this past Tuesday (I live right across the river from Dave, so if they went out Tues, I would have expected to see them by Friday) - now, I understand that $hit comes up and things get delayed, but I have emails that go back to the end of June where I was told they were shipping. David has responded to my emails in a pretty timely fashion, but I would rather have truthful emails with realistic ship dates than, well... from what I understand the pickups Dave makes are top notch and can take some time, but I don't like being told that they are shipping in a couple of days, when they have not.

    Maybe these pickups will be so good that I'll forget about all the times I was told they were shipping... I would only like to be told the truth (and hopefully just one time is all that's needed).

    This is not a bash on David, just that I'm wondering if other orders are that far behind and customers are getting the same line as myself; I have also been in business for myself and understand that what you want to get done for your customer may not really be possible in tight time contraints, though I have found out that the customer appreciates being told up front what the expectations are (and when you deliever on time and once in while ahead of time, the customer is quite happy and its a great way to get some referral work).
  10. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    OK, let me make an official statement, since it's easier than writing everyone individually, which I have been doing lately.

    I'm running way behind on orders. I'm later than I have ever been since I have been making pickups for sale the last seven years.

    But I am working on everyone's order, and they are going out a little at a time. I'm not going to drop off the face of the Internet. ;) Unlike another high profile pickup maker that stopped delivering orders and vanished, I don't have a day job. This is what I do, as well as being a professional musician. So if I stop making pickup, I can't pay the bills.

    Here's the deal. I prefer to keep my personal life out of things, but I think everyone can relate. After nine years of marriage, my wife and I got divorced in March/April. I had to find a new place to live and to work, and moved me and my shop in May. It took two weeks to move everything, and another month to get things running halfway efficiently. Also, there were parts to tools and machines missing, and I had to order replacements. For two weeks I was cutting steel blades with a hacksaw!

    So I'm still working on orders from that time, and slowly but surely getting caught up. Ive had a few other personal things that have come up which is why I mentioned that some orders were getting ready to ship, and than that slipped a few weeks.

    But I'm getting a big batch ready to go out this week, and things are about back to normal as far as production times, but I'm still working on the backlog.

    Everyone will get their order.
  11. mmbongo

    mmbongo Dilly Dilly! Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Wish I lived near you Dave, I'd sure lend a hand!
  12. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    Thanks Chuck, I appreciate it.
  13. Getting divorced shakes a man's world in more ways than he could ever imagine or account for, and it is rarely easy to make a fast comeback from. I wish you well and hope that things fall back into place for you.

    All the best and good luck.
  14. synaesthesia


    Apr 13, 2004
    Hope it goes up from here Dave
  15. tylerwylie


    Jan 5, 2008
    Dunwoody, GA
    My bass is anxiously awaiting them! Can't wait.
  16. bearclaw87


    Mar 9, 2010
    Same here over the other side of the world. Can't wait to hear the monster SGD pickup tone
  17. grey 7707

    grey 7707

    Jul 10, 2012
    So for the purpose of clarity, if i ordered pickups 8 weeks ago I should not expect them for another 8 weeks? I'm not trying to be insensitive to your situation , I've been divorced and I know what that's like. Just like to know so I could stop looking in the mail everyday, like a 13 year old trying to sneak a peek at his moms Victoria Secret catalog.
  18. spiritbass

    spiritbass Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2004
    Ashland, MO
    I'm sorry to hear of your divorce, Dave. It will rock your world for a while. I lasted seventeen years. It turned out that I was more married than she was. Staying busy and productive as you are is good. Now get your nose back to that grindstone and kick out some more killer pickups!!! ;) ;) ;)
  19. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    I have no nose left... lol

    I'm being as productive as I can, but things were in turmoil for a while there. I couldn't find anything and it was hard to figure out what was partially finished. My kitchen is still filled with boxes.

    If anyone is wondering if their pickups have shipped, you will get an email with the tracking number as I'm packing up the order.

    I have about 10 sets ready to go out of the door...

    But I thank everyone for the well wishes. It was a very amicable situation, but it still uproots you whole life. It's a good thing that I know how to cook!
  20. Good luck David. I hope things work out for the better for you.

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