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Whew...wadda weekend!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Gard, Sep 12, 2000.

  1. I've just started working with a new band the past few weeks, and they're really busy. Here's an example.

    Friday night we played a casino here in town (Casino Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA), 9-1. You know, it's usually after 2 by the time you're actually out the door with breaking down your stuff. Good gig, my first time there with the band, but they refer to this place as their "home away from home", good crowd of "regulars", very enthuastic. Anyhow, got home and to sleep at about 2:30 (the casino's only about 10 minutes from my house).

    The alarm clock goes of at 7:30. Why? Because we have a wedding reception to play at 12:15 in Thibodeaux, LA (leave it to the French to spell ti-ba-do [long "o"] like that ;) ), about 2 hours away. That means a 10:15 setup time, so I gotta be on the road by 8:30. Wonderful, ~5 hours of sleep....YAWN.

    Get to the gig, and it's in an old ante-bellum ($20 word meaning "pre-civil war") mansion. Beautiful house, but the rooms are all small, and the one we're supposed to play in is about 30' X 25'. Not too bad, if you're a trio. We're 8 pieces (female vocalist, guitar/vocals, keys/vocals, drums/vocals, trumpet/bass/guitar/keys/vocals/swiss army knife (hehe), trombone, sax, and me - the REAL bassist ;) ) though! So, we shoe-horn ourselves into this itty-bitty room, somehow. There's maybe enough room for about 5-6 couples to dance in front of us. Oh well, they dig us anyhow, and the gig goes well. Get done about 4, break down, load out (in the rain, ugh), it's about 5. Good thing I brought some extra t-shirts, cuz I'm SOAKED.

    Time to go. Go where? Gulfport, MS! OK, when? NOW! Gig starts at 9, means getting there by ~7 for set-up. So off we all parade (SECOND LINE!!! [music: Saints Go Marching In] :) ), Thibodeaux to Gulfport, through New Orleans via I-10. In a blinding rain. A 2 hour drive under nominally good conditions. This AIN'T nominally good. If you've ever been to New Orleans, you'll know that on a good day, the average speed through town on I-10 is 35-40 mph. It's raining? Not a good day. Can you say CRRRRRREEEEEEPPPPPPPP? I knew you could....

    Get through NO, hit Lake Pontchatrain, and of course the rain STOPS...now that it doesn't matter anymore :rolleyes:. So ZOOM, I make the gig at 6:45, well ahead of everyone else (I grew up north of NO, so I know all the tricks to make good time to the MS Gulf Coast).

    The gig's at a casino built in an old retired cruise ship, I pull up at the dock, find a supervisior, introduce myself as a member of the band playing there tonite. He's very helpful, shows me to a great parking space, right next to the boat. I hop outta the Gardmobile ('99 Honda Civic HB), and ask if he can show me to the stage, so I can check out the load-in. Sure, c'mon in. Takes me in through the employee entrance, one flight of stairs up (ick, you should see our PA!). Then he says first I'm gonna show you the dressing room. I'm thinking dressing room?? You mean I don't gotta change in the bathroom???? :cool: Walk into this HUGE room, I'm thrilled already. WOW. He glances at a table, and gets upset, apparantly our food and drinks aren't there! Uh.....huh :confused:??? This could spoil a working class Joe musician like me, hehe.

    OK, back to the issue at hand, the load in. Now things seem about to head south. The stage is 4 levels up. At the stern of the ship. The freight elevator is at mid-ship. There are wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder slot machines all the way between the two. Not looking very good. I can't even figure out how we're gonna get the stuff in the ship to the freight elevator, much less through this mess. I make my concerns known to the guy that's helping me, and he says no sweat, our people will handle everything. HUH???

    It's now just a hair after 7, so we head for the parking lot again, to check and see if my cohorts in crime have arrived. He explains the situation on the way, I'm a bit skeptical, but mollified (will elaborate momentarily). Arriving in the lot, sure enough, there they come...big trailer behind a van and a couple other smaller vehicles.

    We all huddle with the supervisor dude and he explains the deal to the motley crew facing him: We're to unload our stuff from the trailer, onto a forklift with a pallet on it. The forklift will raise each load of stuff to a platform 2 stories above the dock ( :eek: ), where the maintainence folk will unload it, and then move it to the stage for us. You're gonna do WHAT? So we choose some of our less fragile and expensive stuff, load it up, and guess what? The forklift operator is a virtuoso! I honestly believe this guy could preform open-heart surgery with this thing. Good enough for us, it all goes on the forklift! (Besides, they have insurance, :D)

    We get done, I have the pleasure of showing my bandmates the dressing room, with food and drink in place, and seeing the looks of pleased disbelief. We drop our stage attire, and head for the stage to set up, wondering what kind of mess we'll be facing. Well, by the time we get there, all our gear is safe and sound right in front of the stage! Amazing. There's also an individual waiting for us there who's entire job is to see to it that we have everything we need!! Astounding.

    The rest of the night was just as good, the set-up went smooth as silk, the band was very appreciated by all, we had a blast. One of those gigs that makes you happy you do this. The end of the night went as smoothly as the beginning, great people, moved heaven and earth to help us out. For the record, the name of the casino was the Copa Casino, it's in Gulfport, MS. If you're ever there, stop in.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that I had a nasty head cold and uh....stomach "problems" the entire weekend? Good thing there's Alka Seltzer Cold Plus, Halls Defense Citrus Cough Drops, and Immodium AD! :D I can't complain too much though, the keyboardist had a brunch gig back in Baton Rouge the next morning at 11, and the guitarist had 2 more gigs on Sunday as well, so both had to drive home after the gig :eek:! I just went across the street to one of the hotel rooms the casino provided for us, and crashed.....of course driving for me at that point would have been somewhat unsafe....
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  2. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    Dude: Um, in case you get hit by a bus or something, could you leave that Casino Boat Gig Thing to me in your will?;) Quite a weekend!
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  3. Sure, I'll have a talk with my lawyer (as soon as he gets outta prison) and see what we can do for ya ;)....
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  4. Blackbird

    Blackbird Moderator Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2000
    Hey, Moderators get dibs!

    Will C.:cool:
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  5. OOPS!!! jc, I'm afraid that Beeg Wheel is right, no getting around it, moderators privlege and such. I'll talk to my lawyer anyhow, maybe he can find a loophole...but I'm not sure I'd take his advice on loopholes, how do you think he ended up in prison :eek:.........
  6. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    No fair! I called it FIRST.

    Just for that, I wish Gard lives a long, happy, rewarding gig-filled life. That'll show you guys. :.
  7. jc -

    Uh...who said life was gonna be fair? ;)

    And thanks for the long life wishes, even though it's not exactly for reasons that I'd prefer :p

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