Which 15 inch speakers for Traynor cab?

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  1. I think I'm more or less just looking for an efficient and quick 15 with an overall balanced tone, maybe a bit more on thick midrange if anything. I guess I'd want to be able to play some quicker rockin passages without them getting sloppy.

    I picked up a yt-15 (2x15 traynor cab), with only one inefficient 15 and a peice of plywood in-place of the other. I got the guy to throw it in with the yba-1a I just picked up (I have two yba's now :bassist:)

    So which speaker will work well with this cab? I've measured the internal volume of the cab to be 5.4ft^3 and it has two 2.5in (diameter) ports. I may choose to seal the ports, or at least get a "plug" to help me tune it.

  2. Great, thanks edward, I have seen that and was already leaning toward your design but it's best to hear from experience. Have you tried sealing the cab to see how it sounds?
  3. DWBass

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    Wow, looks like my very first rig back in 1975! I loaned that cab to a 'friend' of mine and never saw it again! I remember the head shocking the crap outta me every now and then!
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    Those Traynor heads sound awesome. I think the original speaker was a CTS, a Jensen or a Philips. The box doesn't have a lot of volume and it was designed before Thiele and Small parameters were invented - so anything you do will be a bit of a gamble. I'd try an EVM-15B if you can find one.
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    I've been using that cab with my YBA-3 at band practice. Sounds great! Haven't sealed it, but had to tighten up some screws etc. to stop a buzzing it had.
  6. You wouldn't want to stuff something in the ports and get back to me on that would you? I believe the eminence legend is also compatible for a sealed design and with roughly the same or less volume in their sealed cab design I'm very curious how it may affect the tone.

    Do you find the shallow cab lacks in bottom or punch? Or is perhaps peaky in the low mids with the ported design?
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    After everyone else chimes in with the word " Eminence"...I'll tell you that I had a Traynor 2-15 ( but a newer model) and installed RCF Drivers. They sounded great. I also covered the inside of the cab with pink insulation. I did NOT put it on the " sounding board".
  8. I'll look into that too,

    I checked out the speaker that came with the cab, and ran some wimISD on them, and came up with this as the best response curves under 1000Hz so far.

    Red is JBL e145, already have one in there and appearantly adding another in this cab really works well compared to having just the single, as well as keeping original sized ports.
    Yellow is the cb15 in a closed cab
    Green is the cb 15 in a ported cab same size ports
    Blue is the c2515 in a closed
  9. oinge


    Aug 20, 2008

    I vote CB15, have used them with much success in existing cabinets. Very flexible.
  10. in a sealed cab they seem to have the smoothest roll-off allbeit a little sooner but also go a little deeper. One thing this graph doesn't show is the frequency respons between 1 and 2 Khz. The JBL's are by far the smoothest, whereas both emminence seem to have a large boost in frequencies there.

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