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  1. Hi,
    I've been longtime DR Hi beams light (40-120) user, love the way they sound, smoothness, longevity and flex. But after a recent dismal experience ( 3 dead B strings in a 3 sets) I want to make a change.
    Is there any brand/model that has similar characteristics and price BUT a better quality control?
  2. mmbongo

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    Dunlop Super Bright Steels will be similar.
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  3. Aidil


    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    +1 on the Dunlop Super Bright Stainless Steel 40120 set.
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    Dec 31, 2018
    I really liked the DR pure blues on the Lakland I traded off but that may be too close being the same brand.
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  5. Thanks
    What about longevity? BTW which Dunlope gauge would corespond to Hi beams 40-120?
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    Dunlops last quite a long time, and they actually even sound great once they are dead.

    They are similar in feel to HiBeams, so stick with 40-120 if you like that feel.
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  7. Thanks
    I've read something about Dunlops being somewhat "thinner" than actual gauge. Should I try medium instead of light?
    I've read so many good things about Nickel version of SB. In a sense that they sound more like steels than nickel . And I'm not a big fan of nickels,they just die too fast for my taste.
    How would you compare SB steels and nickels? Of course if you had a chance
  8. Yep I like 40-120 but wouldn't like to go lower even for a micron. Afraid that would make them too flopy. Hi beams 40-120 for me is already at the very edge but acceptable. You know a bit of a trade off.... tiny bit more tension wouldnt hurt but I love that gauge for playability.
    I think I read somewhere your post about Dunlops being thinner than stated gauge. Thats why the question.... maybe Dunlop medium is close to DR light?
    Oh and..... if you tried both steel and nickel,which one do you preffer and why.
    Thanks again
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    Jkt, IDN
    I've read about that too, though I couldn't confirm the reality, cause I don't have the required tool for precise measuring of the string gauge and I currently have no other 40-120 strings to compare. I have to confess that I don't actually have Dunlop 40120, but I do have their 40100 which basically the same on the top 4 strings. I used to use Dunlop 45125 on my goto 5er, which just recently have been taken off for trying other strings, but I've just put Dunlop 30130 as the lowest 6 strings on my 7er.

    In regards to their medium vs light set, I have no problem with thinner strings, but I have concluded that although the medium 45105 set is perfect (tension & flexibility-wise) on my 34", I prefer their light 40100 set on my 35" scale bass.

    And I have used both Dunlop Super Bright nickel and stainless sets. I don't favor the one from the other. Each has its own usage. On my goto bass, which has to be ready in case I need to play slap lines, I put the stainless. For others, they get the nickels.
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  10. Thanks. I'll try steels.
    All of my basses are 34" scale. I preffer light gauge too. As I've said I've been using 5str. Hi Beams 40-120 for many years, but they are at the very lowest possible edge of that "light" spectrum for me and my basses. Anything,even a tiny bit thinner and I fear it would be floppy and fret buzz.
    Do Dunlops SB have the same thickness as DR or is their 40-120 actually thinner than DR's 40-120? I am about to order 3-4 sets of either 40-120 or 45-125 gauge..... whichever are closer to DR's 40-120. Than I have to go to Europe and won't be able to exchange them.
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