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  1. Hey,

    Here is the deal. I bought a Brice HXP-406 to see if I would like the feel of a 6. I really feel at home with a 6 string in my hand. So, I think I am going to get a Better 6 string. Can you guys give me some suggestions? I mainly play rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, funk, And fusion. My price range is 700-1200 dollars. Some I have been looking at are Ibanez SR706, Ibanez BTB776, or a MTD Kingston. But I am all ears. I really want a warm tone.

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  3. You need to give me a Brice number, since I've owned 6 of them. Even the upgrade to the Prestige is a huge step up from the 406. The Ibanez 706 is nice, but an older 506 with the wenge in the neck, Bartolini pickups and preamp is killer.

    If you like a wider string spacing for funk, you can't beat Brice's Prestige Z. Kurt at Rondo might be able to make a custom one for you...but that's if you like a 35 scale. That said the MTD KZ is nice, and the BTB is too. If you like a 34 scale, you're pretty much stuck with the Ibanez SR series.

    Once you get your Brice, though, drop a Bartolini, Glockenklang or Audere pre-amp into it. If you REALLY want a smoker, put a couple of Bartolini pickups in it too.

    If you'd save a little more and go for $1500 to $2000, contact Chris Stambaugh to build one for you. Go a little higher and you're talking with Scotty D at Redeemer Basses.

    But the 700 to 1200, have Kurt build you a Brice to spec, then replace the pickups and preamp. You'll stay in price range and have an instrument you'll really enjoy (since you're Brice Club #1).

    If you want a sound clip, click my MySpace link, and check out "Just Funkin' Around." The bass doing the funk line is a Prestige with a Bartolini 2 band in it; the fretless is a Brice V2 with a Barotlini 3 band in it.

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    Don't forget Carvins. I played an LB76F (fretless) for years and was always pleased with that bass. Can't beat them foir the price. www.CarvinGuitars.com

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    Keep an eye on used deals as well.....I had bought an older Ibanez, stripped it, and replaced everything on it with really high quality parts...the price was right in the range that you're looking at...killer bass. It was only a transition bass but I'd certainly keep it if I could afford to...

    Anyhow, there really are some good options out there for a step up from your current bass.
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    What kind of neck does the Brice have? I've found that differences in neck shape/thickness/width that aren't that big a deal on a 4 can make a 6 totally uncomfortable to play.
  7. Sorry about that, I forgot to give you a number
    T.B. Player........16

    Thanks for all the advice, you guys Have definetly given me some options to think about.
  8. Is that the one of sale? That bass looks awesome, and probably sounds better!
  9. Shameless plug in my sig ;). I'd give you a description of the sound but it's in the link with some clips too! :bassist:
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  11. Sorry man, I do ont have all the money yet. :rollno:

    But I have seen that before, That is one sweet looking bass. I bet it sounds great.
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