Which amp head to go with my Bag End S-15D?

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  1. A little background:
    I'm in an alt-country project(2 guitars, bass, drum) that will be recording in a local music venue in a few weeks. We'll have the place to ourselves to record some live demos. The venue holds about 200 people max and will be empty for the recording session, well except for the band and sound man.

    Up until now I've been using a Roland Cube 30 for rehearsals and since we're not loud and the practice space is small it has been keeping up fine. But I know it wont keep up in a real venue.

    So I have a Bag End S-15D cab and need a head to go with it for the recording session and future gigs. What head would you guys suggest for my situation? My budget is under $650 and I'd prefer to buy new. Thanks in advance.
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    Aug 19, 2006
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    Little Mark II or F1
  3. I've used that cab under a WT-400; sounded great. I've heard a pair w/a GK-800 outdoors which also worked well.
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    Check out the Carvin BX1200 - only $600. Puts out 275 watts per side at 8 ohms. Your S15-D takes 200 watts so that's a pretty good match. You could always get another S15-D (or S15X-D) and run it off the other side. If this is too much amp for what you need, then the Carvin BX600 is only $430. This is a mono amp (225w @ 8 ohms, 400w @ 4 ohms, 600w @ 2 ohms). That would be perfect for running a pair of S15s.

    Although I know many people here don't put much stock in their reviews, check out Bass Player's review of the BX1200.