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which ampeg 2 speaker cab shoud i get

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Unemploid, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. ampeg pf-210he (weight: 48 lbs, flip top for amp head) $400

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  2. ampeg ba-210 v2 (weight: 48 lbs, combo amp) $500

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  3. ampeg svt-212av (weight: 66 lbs) $700

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  4. ampeg pro neo pn-210hlf (weight: 44 lbs) $880

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  1. i have a ampeg ba115, which i played last friday at a gig. it was great, but it's super heavy. so, i'm thinking about getting an ampeg two speaker combo amp or cabinet.

    what i'm looking for is light weight. small size and good price is good too.

    let me know if i should stick with a single 15 inch speaker.

    ampeg ba210 v2 Ampeg: Bass Amp Series - BA-210
    ampeg portaflex pf210he Ampeg: Portaflex Series - PF-210HE
    ampeg svt212av Ampeg SVT-212AV | SVT Bass Cabinet
    ampeg pro neo pn210hlf Ampeg: Pro Neo Series - PN-210HLF
  2. Best advice is to go play as many cabs as you can with the amp and bass you will use.
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