which bass(es) on Ballhog or Tugboat?/active electronics

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    sorry if you've answered the question elsewhere on the board, but was it the Fender or Gibson you used on this album (fave. bassline "drove up from Pedro")?

    also, I'm interested in your views on onboard active eq/active pickups, as you've said that midrange (in particular high mids) are an important part of your tone, and you modify your basses with onboard preamps and/or active pickups-

    personally, I've found that active circuits tend to emphasise the bass & treble/duck out the midrange a bit, and prefer passive circuitry and pickups (using the amp eq to boost the high mids).
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    Aug 24, 2001
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    I used a few basses on this record but mainly the blue gibson non-reverse thunderbird II. it's got a bartolini preamp, the one w/the midrange control besides bass and treble ones. the pickup is like the stock one, a passive, though it's a chandler one (I think so) from a few years ago.

    I agree w/you, a midrange control is important cuz of the reason you listed. I also like an adjustable midrange frequency. the little bass I play now live (mid-60s gibson eb-3) has a switch giving the midrange three options: 200hz, 400hz or 800hz. I like that flexibility.

    on bass, watt