Which bass for which strings?

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  1. OK, this could go in strings, but I think it's better here.

    There are some strings which I just love. Three sets come to mind -

    TI flats

    Labella black tapewounds

    D'Addario slowounds.

    Now, the questions is, which basses do the best justice to these strings? For TI flats, a P bass IMO. For the Slowwounds, a Jazz bass or the RB5.

    But what about the LaBellas? Which bass really brings out the fruity swell and glorious clarity of those strings?

    Take care, your suggestions might be my next bass!
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    I use a MM StingRay 5 with mine. Seems to be a perfect match for me. "Fruity smell"? They smell more like shoelaces to me...:D As always, YMMV.

    EDIT: I meant that they smell exactly like crayons (the paper wrapper actually), but that's just a minute point...
  3. Andy, no offense meant, but isn't this perspective a bit, well, backwards? Myself, I'd be more inclined to look at it the other way round and wonder which strings would bring out the best qualities of the basses I like. Forgive me, but what you're asking almost sounds like wondering what kind of car would best bring out the qualities of the tires you like.

    That said, I'd think a Rob Allen, a Godin A4, or a Carvin AC40/50F would be a good match with the La Bellas. T-I Jazz Flats sound amazing and very DB-like on my Jon Shuker ABG, my only wish being they had a bit more tension. Dunno about Slowounds, never having tried them.
  4. Of course it's backwards! It's meant to be backwards! It's a new perspective.

    Have you never looked at the world upside down, from between your legs when bending down? It all looks very different and you get all sorts of weird ideas.

    And you gave me an idea (Godin) I had not thought of before. Thank you!

    Perhaps more like thinking what chassis would fit your favourite engine rather than tires, though!
  5. Aha, one of those paradigm shift thingies. I gotcha now.

    For another idea you may not have thought of, check out this guy. He's English, but don't hold that against him:


    His Artist model appears very Rob Allen-like, though with (IMO) a slightly nicer body shape; might also suit the LaBellas. I have one of the ABGs and have two bolt-on Customs due to be shipped to me almost any day now. Jon also does various J-type renditions and is very receptive to customer requests, within his own style as a maker of course.
  6. I'm thinking solid body with very trasnparent pups..perhaps EMGs. I think such a bass wouls sound more 'real' in the context of a loud electric band than a piezo equipped acoustic effort..I have experience iwth a Rob Allen MB2.

    At the moment I have my LaBellas on a Bart equipped Yamaha BB1200s.
  7. My favorite bass combination with the TI Jazz Flats is a very woody sounding fretless made for me by Karl Hoyt with Lane Poor JJ pickups. It's very smooth and sweet and round. I loved them on my Bob Glaub P-bass.

    I have a Lakland 55-94 Classic (Alder) that I wish would give a great tone with the JFs, but it has a slightly sour edge to the tone that I find disturbing. Also, the B is weak and needs to be hit harder than the E for the same volume. I'm going to try some of the Lakland JO flats on it and I hope they make a better compbination. The bass sounds really nice with rounds, but I want to use it for blues with flats. I may be barking up the wrong tree on this. I think what I really want is a great 5 string alder P-bass.

    The Slowwounds are the perfect string for me on modern basses like my MTD and Elrick and Sadowsky. They avoid some of the harshness that I don't like (or need with my playing style) with bright SS rounds, but maintain enough top end for punch and they feel great.

    I wouldn't know what to do with tapewounds, though I used them on a Gibson EB2 as a teenager, along with a fuzz box. That sounds grotesque to me me now.


  8. I know what you mean about the B string. My (passive, single coil) 5 string does the same. But the balance evens out with a Sadowsky preamp.
  9. Something like this Matt Pulcinella, perhaps:

  10. Or this Shuker:
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    I tried that but couldn't see the forest for the tree (trunk... y'know?)

    Sorry, had to say it!! :D :D :D