which bass should i buy?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by basskid, Sep 22, 2001.

  1. basskid

    basskid Guest

    May 2, 2001
    Oak Park, IL
    I'm looking forward to getting a new bass. I've been playing a fender Jazz for a while and i like it, but too heavy. And i like to play fast as hell! I'm a fan of flea, but whenever i play his stuff, i do it double tempo. I'm looking for something thats light, and has a warm bottom end. I don't want to spend more than 2 grand though.

    :) Thanks for your responses! :D
  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Hmn...2 grand can go a long way. Somthing warm, but light and fast then?...hmn...tough call.

    Pedulla works nicely. As does Modulus (which flea uses). Also I think Warwick might be worth a look. As well as maybe a Peavey Cirrus. Actually, GO LOOK at a PEAVEY CIRRUS. Of course, that's just what I'm suggesting. In no way am I forcing you to GO LOOK at a PEAVY CIRRUS. Just saying.

    Hmn...could you by any chance check out some PEAVEY CIRRUS'? Just wondering. Hint Hint.

  3. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    There is some nice stuff in that price range. Let's see. Hmm. I like pedullas, fenders, alembics, rics, fenders, hmm. You may want to check out rob allens, and maybe you could find a sadowsky. I've never played one, but they seem to be cool.

    Angus, if you read this, PM if you ever see a Sadowsky at a music store in the area.
  4. BassPlayerGush

    BassPlayerGush Guest

    Sep 23, 2001
    If you like flea, and u want a really cool lite bass guitar under $2000, only one bass comes to mind!!!:p The Modulas Flea Bass!!!!
  5. Maybe a GK head and a Mesa Boogie 2x15.
  6. Jazz bass too heavy? Wooop. They are way easier on the shoulder than anything I have, except the acoustic.. I like my stuff heavy. Big hardware, through body...etc. Equals superior sustain....But I'm 6' 205#'s, so I can take it.

    And you want warm bottom end while playing RHCP stuff double tempo?

    But seriously, If you are looking for a Light bass...then check out the USA series Spectors with a Swamp Ash body. I fiddled with one last week at a store where a friend works. That thing weighed about as much as a bucket of cotton balls. And the sound was extra incredible, I had to run outta there:)
  7. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i suggest you to buy a lighter jazz bass.
  8. Robert B

    Robert B Somewhere under the rainbow Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2000
    Rittman, OH, USA
    Try a Lull V4 with alder body, fralin pickups, j-retro preamp and brass bridge. Wonderful jazz-like tones (sweeter than any jazz I've ever played!), beautiful, rich, warm bottom end, and all in a very light weight package. Unbelievably easy to play.

    They retail for a little more than $2k, but I'm sure you could get one for less than that. Try the Vintage Bass Trading Co. (email [email protected] -- Steve Barr offers the absolute best in customer service) or Bass Northwest. I absolutely love my Lull!
  9. Oysterman

    Oysterman Guest

    Mar 30, 2000
    Do you have some samples of that somewhere? :rolleyes:
  10. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Let's see, around two grand, light, and fast....

    Try Elrick www.elrick.com and Hanewinckel www.hanewinckelguitars.com. The Elrick is the lightest bass I've ever played in that price range and it sounds pretty darn good.

    I have a Hanewinckel 6 that has a surprisingly big sound for what I consider to be a lightweight bass.

    You'll have a hard time finding one of either of these that you can put your mitts on before buying. Giampietro Guitars www.gguitars.com has a couple Elricks and a really good return policy if you're serious.


  11. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Zon's and Peavey Cirrus are both pretty light, and both are excellent basses.

    The Pedulla Rapture is also very light, and you can get it with one humbucker, 2 J's, or a PJ setup.

    I happen to own all 3 of these(;)) and they are all quite a bit lighter than my Jazz.