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  1. I have 2,000 to spend on a Carvin bass...but I don't know which bass to buy. I've been leaning towards a PB5 but most threads I've read says they had one but they sold it. I need advice about which 5-string to get. Would appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.
  2. Consider yourself lucky. Others don't have 2,000, but know exactly which bass they would buy.
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    Start with what you know. What have you played, and what have you liked or not liked about those basses?

    What intrigues you about the PB5?
  4. Been saving for a long time.I have a Birdsong I really like,but I want something else to use in my arsonel.I like Carvin equipment so I plan to buy a Carvin.I don't have a music store here,soI am going on what I read. What would you recommend?
  5. I dont have much to go by...theres not a music store where I live so I have to go by what I read. I Have experience with Carvin having owned 2. I sold one and gave one to my grandson.I have been intrigued by the PB5 because of what Ive read about them. Ive always wanted a Pbass but until now didnt have the money to buy one. Now that I have the money to spend I am trying to get reviews.
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    Feb 29, 2016
    If you have 2000, you can totally have whatever you want custom built. I just went through their building website and arbitrarily picked every most expensive option on a PB4, and it only came to $2759.00.
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    I'll tell you my Carvin experiences. I'll try to be brief.

    I went to the showroom a long time ago, probably in 2003-2004, when they really only had the LB style basses. I played a few, but wasn't really impressed with the sound. One did sound good to me though, and it was the only one that was bolt on and had a maple board not ebony.

    Cut to 3 years ago, I needed a light 5 string with a slim nut and wanted a PJ setup. I read a lot of good things about the PB, remembered that I liked the bolt on carvin, and of course with the P pickup I figured I'd get pretty close no matter what. The pickups are pretty bright and have a lot of top end, but with the tone control and the active eq I'm very happy with the sound. I've been told that changing the volume pots would help darken the sound, might try that someday. It's a very well built bass, and very clear tone up and down the range. Easy to play.

    A few months ago I got another PB, this time a 4 string to play in my band that plays in drop C. Totally different way of playing than what I use the 5 string for. But I knew what to expect. The bass came a few weeks ago, and it's even better than I expected. I would not hesitate one bit to get a PB. I would recommend getting the J pickup though, and probably the preamp as well. It just helps to have options.

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    And as a reference, I've owned a couple stingrays, fender American special P, G&L L-2000s, and I own a G&L SB-2. I would give the SB-2 a slight edge in sound with the MFD pickups, but it's close with some EQ.
  9. Ive been saving for a long time. I had 2 Carvins...one I sold and one I gave to my grandson. Im leaning towards a PB5 because Ive always wanted a P bass. I dont have a music store in my town so I have to do my shopping by reviews I read here. I welcome any information I can get.
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    Go with the PB5. It's a great bass! Neck is very stable and feels great. It does not have the typical 5 string p bass neck feel. It feels almost like an Ibanez 5 string bass neck (IMO) except wider. Very fast neck!
  11. Thanks for the info. I dont have a music store here so I have to go by the experience others post.I have had 2 Carvins and I was satisfied with their quality. I sold one to get a computer for my wife. The other I gave to my grandson because I wasnt playing at the time. I am currently gigging with a Birdsong 5-string but I want a Pbass.I appreciate you taking the time to let me know of your experience with Carvin basses.
  12. Thanks for the info. Im learning a lot by posting.
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    You can't go wrong with Carvin. I had a SB4000, loved it but sold it for a custom bass.... really miss that one. Fast forward a few years.... I purchased a TBS4 and loving life. Go for it! IMG_20170621_103634013.jpg IMG_20170621_103703819.jpg
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    Sounds like you want a Carvin and want a P bass. There are a few of their basses where the P pickup is an option. Do you care whether it's a bolt on or neck through? Active or passive? I myself like the sound of a P pickup and a soapbar.
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    Whatever you buy, buy used. Carvins have terrible resale value. Might as well let someone else lose 50% the day it arrives.
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    How do you have $2,000 to spend only on a Carvin? You can't use it for any other bass? Win a Carvin contest?
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    Oct 27, 2015
    I have a LB70, circa 1994. It is an awesome bass. I do prefer neck through, so would pick this over the PB line.

    The bass still looks and play like new. Only modification is I just replaced the bridge. that old Wilkinson bridge finally gave up its ghost. The good news is Carvin uses a much better bridge on the new ones
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    If they sold it then someone bought it so it's a wash. The company is still in business after all these years so they must be doing something right.
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    My Areis is a 4 but...WOW, really...highly recommend it...
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    I have to go with the "why Carvin" and "buy used" posts. I am not a Carvin basher but there are great basses that can be had for 2 bills. If you go used the sky is the limit. If you get a used instrument and don't like it you will (should) be able to recoup your money, maybe make a few dollars! Buy a new Carvin (or new anything) and if it's not what you expected... you WILL loose money. Since you won't be able to play before you pay I would be VERY scared to buy new.
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