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  1. what do you think would be the best bass for around 500-600quid (about $800-1000 i think) anyway, there are a few i like the look of which are

    Warwick Streamer standard

    a few ibaneze basses (EDA 905, EDC 700 ect)

    Yammaha BBG4a

    De Armond Pilot Delux

    or a thunderbird

    thanx for n e opinions
  2. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
    High Wycombe, UK
    Focusrite / Novation
    Bass Collection 330 series
    Yamaha RBX 760
    Iceni Zoot
    Ibanez BTB

    don't bother with the warwick standard, all the basses above are better, if your gonna buy a warwick, u wanna be spending £1000 or more fer a decent one IMO

    hope this helps
  3. Yep, I'd go for an Ibanez BTB400. Excellent basses for the money. As for the streaner standard dont bother. poorly constructed and made of pretty shoddy materials. If you want a Warwick try second hand, I just got one from www.scoot.com, its an ads site. Just search the "music" catagory under Warwick. Or an new Warwick, the Corvette Standards are decent, for a passive.
  4. Whoops, bad link. i mean



    Scoot is its affiliate.

  5. Try the Brian Moore i2000 Series bass. Best bass in that price range IMO. Check them out...
  6. if your gonna spend about 1000 bux, why not add on another 200 bucks and get a nice stingray.
  7. i wouldn't do that because i don't really like stingrays (i don't know why it's just one of those things)
  8. Alexander


    Aug 13, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    I love Warwicks personally and have owned a Streamer Standard. While not the best, it did fine for me. You can definitely get more for your money with any brand USED - but buyer beware...

    For that range, I've seen used Thumbs and Corvettes...
  9. I've been using a Stingray to record and know where your comming from with that comment.....I too am looking for a new bass right now..I'd recomend the Ibanez BTB series
  10. Perhaps you could check out an MTD Heir or Kingston and replace the pickups and/or preamp. Everyone kneels at Michael Tobias' alter, and people say nothing but glowing things about these basses.

    Otherwise, check around for a good deal on a Peavey Cirrus or Millennium.
  11. petch

    petch Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Medina, Ohio
    Reverend Rumblefish! TONE! I didn't like the Warwick Streamer Standard that I played. Peavey G-bass is cool but has a signature sound without great tonal options. Peavey Millennium ROCKS but is more $ than you may be talking about. Remember, read all of these posts and consider their input and then do whatever the **** you want!!

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