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  1. tremor100


    Jul 28, 2006
    i know it comes down to what i want, and the things are two different beasts. Okay so heres the thing, i own a warwick thumb BO, its by far the most versitile and best sounding bass i own. Im thinking a want a new bass when im not in school and have no bills to pay... so right now its between two basses. A) lakland JO 4 skyline, i tried one of these out, and was blown away by the tone and clarity and i was really impressed. however seeing as here (canada) it was 1600 bucks plus taxes.. i was thinking... B) a custom shop warwick.. Corvette double buck BO.. upgrade the fingerboard to ebony and get a nice stain (thinking purple). Both of these basses are only carried in one store all across town, in other words im kinda afraid i might not be able to pick up a lakland or vice versa in a later junction of my life. Im thinking a lakland would mix up my aresenal and be a bit easier on the shoulder... But the warwick would definatly be more versitile and granted its not a 5 string... the neck shape would be closer to home for me. Plus the whole fact that the bass will esencially be one of a kind for me, cause who the hell likes purples basses anyways :p