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    Mar 9, 2002
    I have just started playing bass and i don't know notin about the makes so i need to know a good bass with a good sound but not really heavy so if you could help me out i would appreciate it.:D
  2. Hello Ofsping' and welcome to Talk Bass.

    Which Bass? That's something that's almost impossible to answer. You must have something in mind? I guess most beginners choose something like a Squier. I'm a Yamaha fan (although I currently don't own one). I like both the looks and the sound of most of the lower priced models and I'm hanging my nose over a RBX 270 at the moment. You get a lot of bass for your money with a Yammy. My dealer has them for under £200, new, and I reckon you should be able to pick a second hand one up for about 2/3 that price.

    I'd definitely buy second hand, anyway, because the bargains are out there to be had. I Bought my Bass Collection from my dealer that way: it was absolutely mint and cost me just £250 incl a good bag and spare set Rotosound strings.

    I recently sold a Squier Affinity P Bass that I bought used for £79, again via my dealer. That bass was really nice.

    Try a Tanglewood, a Washburn, an Ibanez, a Mexican made Fender, etc.

    I'm really not sure what more to say other than buy a named bass (as above), and keep clear of Fender clones that go under various names.